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Danish director's film leads to walkouts, outrage at Cannes

Cannes, May 15 (AZINS) Danish film director Lars von Triers "The House That Jack Built", about a serial killer, left some audience members "disgusted", prompting over 100 walkouts.

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday night.

"It's disgusting," said one woman as she left the screening, reported variety.com.

"The House That Jack Built" follows a serial killer (Matt Dillon) as he mutilates and strangles his victims, who are primarily women. The movie is extremely graphic. The scene that initially led to dozens of walkouts involved Dillon's character shooting a hunting rifle at two small children, as he blows their heads off.

After that, a steady stream of patrons fled the theatre, many of them looking furious or muttering under their breath.

By the time the end credits had stopped rolling, the balcony of the theatre was half empty. Nevertheless, the movie still received a prolonged standing ovation for von Trier, who is a regarded as a cinematic visionary in France, reported variety.com.

Two of the film's co-stars, Riley Keough and Uma Thurman, didn't attend this year's festival, citing scheduling conflicts.