The visiting timings for MGTOA are between 11 AM and 5 PM which is a considerably big window to accommodate a large number of devotees who are waiting patiently to offer their worship to the lord. Please book a spot to have Lord Ganesha Darshan. Details
June 6
Ready for the art of mindfulness? Be in the moment and be aware. Learn the art of paying keen attention. Learn how to observe without a trace of judgement. A virtual event organized at Phoenix Art Museum  from June 4 Info
June 4
All good things come in small packages. We've known it for ages now. Chennai Chettinad is giving us a bantamweight lunch menu for just under $9. Details
May 27
A Local desi owned media company which helps your brand reputation with custom made social media campaigns resulting into increased flow of your clientale. Check us out for more details and leave your marketing to HashNtag. Details
May 20
Today at 5pm in Gyan and Growth group ZOOM session "Topic will be on Char Dham Yatra," considered to be dev bhumi, heaven on earth where Gods reside. Anyone interested to listen to this travelogue please email info@azindia.com will share the link.
May 17
Hanuman Jayanti celebrations LIVE broadcast from Maha ganapati temple. Jai Bajrang Bali... Linky
May 16
Your dentist appointment is exclusively for you and your family and no one else crowds the reception such that you don’t have to worry about social distancing or contamination etc. Well, consider yourself lucky because AZfamilyDentist Chandler is here for you. Book your appointment from Dr.Trupti clinic
May 15
First anniversary of Sai dhyan mandir, is going to be a virtual celebration. Abhishekam, Kalash pooja, Hanuman Jayanti and other rituals will be live streamed, details.
May 14
A yoga teacher in US has just started a new batch of teachers for yoga. He is selflessly giving his knowledge to sincere people on the path.  For someone who is looking for authentic experience of traditional yoga this is the best way. Guruji has a non-profit so the costs are a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. Link
May 12
Presentation Sunday 5pm about Amit Upadhye's investigations into Human and Architecture consciousness thru Bhakti Yoga. Temple architecture of Indian Subcontinent and his own work only in "Gyan & growth series through Zoom". If interested please email info@azindia.com and we will send Invite.
May 9
May 10 when the Punjabi Seva Group will be distributing free bags of packaged food from 9-11PM. The day will also have a special kirtan on Mother’s Day which you can watch Live online. Note that you can donate online during these times as the Gurdwara will remain closed as per government guidelines. Info
May 7
Movie "Hotel Motel & Patel" being made here in July by Local production. This will be a comedy drama movie about NRI from Doctor, C-Store owner, IT professional and Hoteliar. Please send us your unique real life story or experience by voice message to info@appliedartproductions.com or whatsapp at 4802420039.
May 2
Lord Shiva will be worshipped today at the SVK Temple, Let us join hands in prayer to the Lord for the health and well-being of all of us across the globe. The Abhishekam of Rudra at 6 PM can be attended by visiting the website www.gotomeet.me.
April 27
Time when the right foresight is required by one and all, Shankara eye foundation is protecting many by curing them with right vision. It's our donations that withstands this virus. Details
April 24
Many of you are probably sitting idle because colleges and universities have closed down for an indefinite period. If you are keen to learn and study then login for free online courses in the link from Harvard. 
April 22
To continue with the daily worship rituals, doing special pujas to eliminate the dark times and keep the corona crisis at bay, to keep the temple maintenance going on and continue to take care of the temple devotees, a little help from you will go longway. Support IACRF
April 15
Easter day celebration is proof that we will overcome this present crisis too and witness humanity stand victorious defeating all adversity. Stay Home Stay Safe
April 12
Authorities at Wuhan China used AI intensively to help them track down each of the infected persons from every corner of the country. Page 5 of AZIndiaTimes is a real eye-opener for us which shows the extent technology can go to deal with crisis written by AZ' Tech Icon Hari Gottipati. Read here
April 10
Missing out on restaurant delicacies during home confinement? Well, here's a reason that will cheer you up. PNC is offering curbside pickup if you order online at www.pastriesNChaat.com. Details
April 9
Don’t let lockdown trap you to your houses without Groceries. Cloves Indian Groceries and Kitchen is there for your rescue. Whatsapp and schedules your weekly supplies. 4804541106
April 7
No Events