Bala (Hindi Movie)
Hindi Movie
Bala is a comedy that tells the story of Bala, played by rising Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana, a man who is balding prematurely.. The film shows how he copes with the situation

Diwali Celebrations | SW Rajputs
All proceedings will go towards supporting the Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur as well as educational support for children from low-income families. Early bird special adult $15

Big Fat NYE
Regular Events
BUY TICKETS HERE BOLLYWOOD BASH - ARIZONA Massive LED video wall The biggest sound/lighting production for a South Asian Party! ***VIP*** Big Fat Package (21+ with 3 hour open bar

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November 14
Arizona Sikh Gurdwara is celebrating Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 550th Birthday Celebrations in a grand manner on Friday November 15. The three-day festivities will have a non-stop Akhand Path, Bhog ceremony, Naam kirtan by Bhai Gyan Singh Ji Jatha plus the Nagar Kirtan. Details
November 12
Mini India on the land of Phoenix. Discover India today holds this free-for-all annual event , Get overwhelmed by the unseen, unheard, unfathomable beauty of India through her food, clothes, music, people, culture and tradition. Details
November 9
The heart of a man is made to travel this world. An inborn desire that should not be curbed just because travel long distance has become too expensive. Call Travelopod and you will be surprised by the amount of discount you will get plus some really great deals that are kept exclusively for the callers. Website
November 8
A prominent instrument for folk music, in South Asia the san?ur is strongly associated with the Kashmir region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent, where it was traditionally played in Sufi music. A fundraiser event Music For Wellbeing by Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya. Be present at the event if you want to promote music in the world. Details
November 7
Dr. Ghatam Karthick is going to lead Heartbeat at the Murdock Hall 101 on Saturday at 5 PM. Heartbeat a rhythmic musical event showcasing the conventional as well as current percussion from around the world. Don’t miss this enthralling, high spirited musical extravaganza which is literally going to raise your heartbeats to an ecstatic high.  Info
November 7
Swaraj gives you an opportunity to help Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur as well as provide educational support for children from low-income families if and only if you participate in the Diwali Celebrations by Rajputs. Tickets
November 5
Costume Party at ISKCON Phoenix,If you are a Krishna Bhakta (devotee), then you should know that there were times when the love between the divine couple Radha and Krishna reached such a peak  that they would dress in each other's clothes. Come participate in Krishnaween  Info
November 2
India Association of Phoenix celebrating annual event Discover India on November 9. All are welcome at Scottsdale Civic Center TEN DAYs from today to taste the flavor called Indian-ness and relish some authentic Indian items and food. Info
October 30
Deepavali sambaralu from Telugu Association, there will be cultural shows by local talents from all ages, prize-winning competitions, delicious Telugu dinner, Stalls selling varied artifacts, plus HANDLOOMS and a lot more things just for you. Buy tickets
October 29
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October 26
MGTOA is celebrating Grand Diwali and Anna Lakshmi Day Celebrations on October 26 from 2:30 PM. Participate in Anna Lakshmi Puja, and celebrate Diwali by enjoying Special fireworks from 5:30 PM plus take blessings in form of Grand Diwali Dinner Prasadam FREE. Info
October 24
Many many years ago a happy occasion lit up every single Sikh on the land. As Bandi Chhor Divas has been celebrated by the Sikh community across the globe. Guru Nanak Dwara in Phoenix will observe this importance of this day on Sunday, October 27. Details 
October 24
Toll brothers gives you opportunity to check their new luxury homes community with some cool and award winning designs in Peoria. Check out these model homes Link
October 23
Grand Diwali Mela at the Ekta Mandi this Saturday on October 26. An event which is free for all extravaganza. Scores of attractions including balloon twisting, face painting, Goodie bags, Stalls for food, clothing, & jewelry, Raffles, Talent shows, Live Music… the list is endless and so is the fun. Info
October 22
Telugu Association Deepavali celebrations Cultural programs registrations are filling up. Please register soon, If any one of you or or friends are planning to participate and not registered yet - please do that at earliest. Link  Event details
October 19
Next Sunday, you should be nowhere else but at Higley Center For The Performing Arts because this is going to be a different Diwali altogether. You will witness Live performance by Rajesh Vaidhya on his Veena & raise funds for Maha Ganapati Temple. Tickets
October 19
Imagine how you felt when you were in school or college - bubbling with energy and ready to take on the world. How would you like to ‘reset’ your system back to ‘default’? join Dr. Meghna Thacker’s Detox workshop for a fortnight and re discover . Link
October 18
The world-famous tale Beauty And The Beast gets an Indian Classical dance interpretation Roopa Viroopa by Guinness world record Holder Asha Gopal this sunday Oct 20th. Book your tickets for a unique representation by Visiting guests from India & Local Stars. Info
October 17
Inchin Bamboo Garden providing you the bestest and the tastiest street food to instantly raise your mood. Enjoy the difference here with Indo-Chinese fusion food, anytime, any day to spike happiness in your life. Info  
October 17