Maha Shivaratri Celebrations @ Tempe/Mesa
The Grand Mahashivaratri Amareshwara Mahotsavam will be celebrated by Atma Veda Gana Foundation on Friday, Feb 21st (Maha Shivaratri day). Experience the most auspicious day for

Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship (Hindi Movie)
Hindi Movie
Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship is an upcoming 2020 Indian Hindi-language horror thriller film directed by Bhanu Pratap Singh and jointly produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash

Nayaab Lamhe | Pankaj Udhas Live Performance
For Ticket Call Manish Gupta: 602-688-7011, Aradhna Gupta: 623-298-4778

Bluffmaster | Gujju Bhai Strikes Back!
Call for Sponsorship/VIP first three rows (New IACRF member would get 2 first row tickets) GUJARATI FOOD WOULD BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE

A Lord that gives us the message that ignorance can be challenged through knowledge, dance and music will be worshiped by his devotees at Hindu Temple of Arizona on Maha Shivratri on friday 21. Info
February 19
Bholenath is easily pleased and does not demand complex rituals from devotees but one thing that He can’t accept is untruthfulness. BAPS temple on Friday, February 21 is going to celebrate Maha Shivratri to please Mahakal by performing Abhishek of the Shiva Lingam and observing night vigil. Info
February 19
Imagine being married and yet kissed by an unknown girl that too in front of your wife… well, that's the predicament in which our hero Gujjubhai finds himself in. Watch this hilarious drama on March 27. Assigned seating Tickets
February 18
The most powerful of the Trinity, Lord Shiva's Great night Maha Shivratri celebrations on 21 by Atma Veda Gana foundation. Take advantage of Special Amarnath Darshan on these auspicious hours. Details
February 18
Most unique festival is the Chariot Festival or the Rath Yatra which is celebrated every year when it is time for the Lord to visit His Aunt’s place with his siblings. Lord Jagannath makes his yearly trip in Phoenix this year, only 2 weeks left. Details
February 15
From Mobile you stay away, Discounted Meals on V’Day... attend for a change with families and spend time together. Chennai Chettinaad Palace Phoenix Chennai Fusion Grill Chandler offering discounts upto 25%
February 13
Arizona South Asian Chamber of Commerce, Eight countries have come together as one community, to begin with so that they can work together.Join them 
February 12
Yes, the picture-perfect moment is coming soon for you when you will paint your favorite person in all the colors of the rainbow. Holi on 8th March
February 10
Gujarati Movie Hellaroo Movie starting tomorrow, Sunday show Super Saver cinemas is Sold out. Please buy fr Saturday 7PM Tempe cinemas. Tickets
February 7
Valentine's party at Eduardo's. There will be popular male and female singing voices to create a romantic ambiance for your special day. You too have a little role to play by trying to win three titles - Mr. Valentine, Ms. Valentine, and Mr&Mrs Valentine. Don’t forget the passion begins at 7 PM. Info
February 6
Career Fair tomorrow at Tgen, speak with team members and Hiring managers.. Details
February 5
Gofundme - It is in your hands to save a person admitted to a hospital in dire need of money to finance his rehabilitation program. Donate to help his travel back to India and continue treatment. Link
February 2
Our February Newspaper edition is in Mail and in Stores, read for high on content from all local writers. Ebook
February 2
Great realty deals opening up for you on the night of February 6. The Land and Income Property Deal Club invites you to delicious dinner and cocktails you will also come to know how to acquire the buying power and succeed in having billion-dollar multi-family asset acquisitions. Info
February 1
Spend your evening with your loved one in a real setup organized by Desi Noize Arizona. There is drink, dinner, dance, DJ, and drawing of lots to keep you engaged throughout the Party time. Info
January 31
A very powerful Sai Satya vrath which when observed with complete dedication results in the obliteration of all evil and negative from one’s life-giving the devotee a life full of health, happiness and hope. Let us all take blessings of Saibaba by attending the pooja at 7 PM. Info
January 30
BCAA invites all devi bhakt to come and offer their unadulterated devotion to Devi Saraswati who represents cosmic knowledge, intelligence, tolerance, freedom, purity, education, and enlightenment. Info
January 30
Kite Festival and Ratha Saptami at Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona this weekend. Don't miss it. Info
January 28
Festival of Food, all are welcome to attend as It is believed that during the Food (shakotsav) festival The Lord Himself prepares and serves prasad to all who come to celebrate this festival. Free entry for Grand Gujarati food festival. Details
January 27
Need an Indian cook, male or female, who can cook both veg and non-Veg cuisine from the Telugu states. They should be willing and ready to travel with the FILM Production crew and be on the sets 100% of the time. Email appliedartproductions@gmail.com
January 27