God consciously made all women beautiful and to cherish this beauty Dream Media has organized the Miss I Mrs I Teen India USA beauty contest on June 26 at 1 PM. Anyone who's 13 and above can take part in Teen, Miss and Mrs contest at Chateau Luxe. Link
June 16
Are you ready for the June 27 Hackathon organized by GYM supremo Mallik Reddy? Gear up for an intensive, interactive and constructive interchange of ideas and information between parents and their High School going kids and stand the chance of having your ideas published as an article in the forthcoming AZIndiatimes editions. Link
June 15
The most important aspect of family welfare is child care. The future generation needs to be healthy and strong and to keep them disease free and energetic, the role of Caring Pediatrics is super important. From would-be parents to new parents to parents of kids who are yet to touch their twenties, all their kids' health needs are catered by the expert health advisors and pediatricians of Caring Pediatrics. For all queries, consult them now. Link
June 14
The Local Indian Community has always depended on the quality, price, customer service, delivery promptness that Cloves Indian Groceries & Kitchen promises in each of their visits. If you are looking for those hard to find Indian groceries like spices, vegetables, fruits, dairy products or even readymade dishes and curries, then the best place to have them all is Cloves. Link
June 13
House flipping, i.e., buying, decorating and selling for a better price isn’t a child’s play. You need knowledge, planning and savviness to avoid basic mistakes if you are a novice in this field. Most of the time, taking expert advice from state’s real estate moguls like Kiran Vedantam saves you from making simple mistakes like making wrong judgements, overestimating one’s knowledge and skills, etc. Link
June 12
Having a warehouse close to you is enough to keep you content and filled with a sense of surety that your favorite Indian groceries are always within your hand’s reach. Not just their perennial availability, it is the pocket friendly prices that you get them for is another best thing about Orange Tommy. Link
June 11
Covid infection is waning and it is time to rejoice but with caution. The best thing about eating at Pizza Twist is you are served fresh and steaming hot. And when BBQ Chicken Pizza is the month's dish, you deserve to order more than one. Get home delivered or have a great time with loved ones at the eatery today. Link
June 10
Just the thought of Indo Chinese food builds up a huge appetite for the upcoming meal. Don’t fill your tummy with just anything because you are hungry, instead visit Inchin’s Bamboo Garden and give your tastebuds what they deserve, that is, some delectable dishes which begin with words like Manchurian, Schezwan, etc. Link
June 9
Today will be the thirtieth day of the Mandala Abhishekam. Devotees can log in to watch the ceremony Live or may take passes to visit the temple to attend personally and take blessings from Lord Ganapati. Today at 6:30 in the evening, you can attend special puja endowing the deity through Dwajasthambam with spiritual energy or simply view it on Link.
June 8
A consecration is considered complete when abhishekam to the consecrated deity or the main deity of the temple is done for 48 consecutive days. Since May10th, daily abhishekams have been performed to Lord Maha Ganapati and will culminate on June 26th to complete the mandala of the consecration of the Dhwajasthamba. Link
June 7
For global peace, health and harmony, the United Nations has declared June 21 as International Day of Yoga. This oldest discipline from India, first introduced by Patanjali, which stresses on the physical as well as spiritual well being consists mostly of breathing exercises, physical exercises, and meditation. Register here
June 6
The days-old baby will never ever see his mother and right now is under observation at neo-natal intensive care unit. With your timely help he can at least go home with his father and be with his elder brother. The doctors are doing their best, it is up to us now to give his grief-stricken father a little support with our donations. Link
June 5
Most of our lives are spent working for the government or someone else and when we are into our golden age, we are left with no job and limited resources. A wise person will be the one who will consult with Asha Jain of Stratos Wealth Partners to have a planned a regular income with assets at the same time a life where s/he will be her/his own boss. Link
June 4
If you are a Chandler resident then its time you get your parking passes for the Independence Day fireworks spectacular. This year citizens will be able to celebrate July 4 at Tumbleweed Park. The fireworks will light up the night sky at 9 PM and unlike last year you can witness the spectacular event by being present there personally. Link
June 3
Bringing up kids is no child's play. Sometimes even to the most cautious parents, the toddler in her adventurous yet wobbly walk across the room trips and falls and hits her head. Instead of putting on a crash helmet, it is better to take expert advice and prescription from Caring Pediatrics for any internal injury of her precious little noggin. Link
June 2
Indian tradition, epics, and mythology, everything comes vibrantly alive when expressed through dancing. Learn the best way of expression through your eyes, hands, legs and the whole body from Kalashri Asha Gopal by joining her dance classes today. Link
June 1
As they say, "don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait", it is exactly what Valley realtor Kiran Vedantam advises you to do too. With the kind of experience and closed deals he has, you are in for some of the best real estate advice which works for you in both buying and selling your house. Link
May 31
What is life if there is no twist? Give yourself a fusion pizza or even better, treat your loved ones with a surprise pizza by inviting them to Chicago’s Pizza Twist and see how close they become to you next. Link
May 30
Make sure to visit Cloves empty stomach, because then you will know exactly what to buy for your kitchen and fridge and when you are done shopping, you can sit down and have a hefty meal at their Kitchen. Link
May 29
Get your kids tested for allergies, having their periodic vaccine jabs, regular health checkups like eye, ear, hair, skin, etc. as well as sick visits at Caring Pediatrics so that as a parent you give them a life where they can lead a fulfilling life and keeping themselves compatible with the ever-changing environmental and atmospheric life on this planet. Link
May 28
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