Navratri Utsav 2022 | Live Music Event
Ticket Price: $12 online and $15 at the event gate. No ticket require for children 6 years & younger, seniors age 65 years & older. Food: Delicious food options available

Diwali | Festival of Celebrations
Regular Events
Diwali is an event we all eagerly await, as the community convenes to honor the Festival of Lights. Join us for an evening filled with fun, music, food, meeting friends, and

Lakshmi Pooja | Arizona Telugu Association
Padmasana sthithe devi Para brahma swaroopini Paramesi jagan matha Maha Lakshmi Namosthuthe! The awe-inspiring Mother Lakshmi Moorti against specially made backdrop Puja vidhi will

Deepavali Celebrations | Arizona Telugu Association
AZTA Deepawali 2022 Request for cultural programs registration @ https://forms.gle/kMr71V5LyNZhUpMd6 Any questions on this - please email to [email protected] Please

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October 3
ONLINE Ticket sales for GCA Greenway Garba is also closed for today, please checkin at venue with CASH.
October 1
Online tickets for GHO Navratri Garba today is closed, please check in at venue with Cash.
September 30
An exclusive Children’s program by Indo-American Cultural and Religious Foundation of Arizona at the #EktaMandir this Saturday should be a must attend event for your kids. Get your kids to participate in special #Garba and #Raas lessons as they enjoy crafts, pizza, snacks, drinks and pooja. Read More
September 30
Are you ready for the electric event of Navratri Utsav organized by GCA AZ on September 30, October 1, October 7 and October 8? Don’t brood, just go and get your tickets reserved for four nights of non-stop performance of Garba and Dandiya at Greenway High School. Read More
September 28
At Indo-American Foundation of Arizona Ekta Mandir & Community Center organised Navratri and #Garba fest at the Ekta Mandir you are invited to enjoy the Dandiya Raas with your dancing partner for the next eight days till October 3rd. Read More
September 26
Especially, the Indian Groceries, as the Indian population settled in Arizona will get busy in the celebration through cuisine, pooja, decoration, etc. This is the time when you can rely entirely on Turmeric Express Indian Grocery & Restaurant for all your festive needs.
September 23
Big and popular names like Manu Srivastava, Jake Charkey, Brandon McIntosh, Prafulla Athalye, Vivek Datar and Arnav Arora will mesmerize the audience at the Darpan Festival this Saturday. Read More
September 21
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September 20
Between September 26 and October 4, Sai Dhyan Mandir welcomes devotees and Mata Bhaktas to attend the Navaratri and Vijayadashami celebrations to be held at the temple premises which will include Sri Chakra Archana, Kanya Puja, Lalitha Saharsanama Kumkumarchana, Saraswati Devi Puja. Read More
September 19
The Garba classes by ABCD School of Bollywood Dance is hitting right chords as everyone wants to enjoy the festival to the fullest and show their dance moves during Navratri. Read More
September 17
Busiest shopping express in Chandler, Turmeric Express Indian Grocery & Restaurant which is also known for its foods at greatest prices. Read More
September 15
This is one of the rare instances, when opportunity is knocking at your door. Post Pandemic, there is going to be a MEGA Deepavali affair which is going to take place at PHX shrine auditorium in a grand scale on November 6. Read More
September 14
Arizona’s very own, Annual Garba event is now ON!
4 Nights of non-stop euphoria! Mark your calendar. Details SOON!
The real essence of Garba and Dandiya can only be brought to you by GCA. Tickets on sale. Get your dance platform reserved and enjoy unlimited fun with family, kids and your dance partners. Read More
September 13
Reenacted in an indianized version, the Bharatanatyam dance style, organized by Fine Arts Association of Arizona, Sanskriti School of Dance USA and AZIndia on September 17. Enjoy this first ever experimental musical dance drama Dhruva The Guiding Star at your nearest theater, Virginia G Piper Theater Read More
September 12
A special day like this becomes even more grand when you attend the exclusive Diwali celebrations organized by RANA - Rajput Association of North America - NEC at Red Mountain Multigenerational Center-Mesquite Hall on November 5. Read More
September 10
Oho Productions is presenting India’s star gagster with the most aseptic, clean and healthy humor as opposed to the abusive, offensive, vulgar jokes which have become the norm of stand up comedy these days. Read More
September 8
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September 7
Between September 30 and October 2, you are in for the most exciting Durga Puja festivities. This is going to be USA’s biggest Bharat cultural carnival, sponsors, advertisements, donors, food stalls, fashion stalls, and welcomes 3000+ audience. Read More
September 6
Cosmic intelligence, Dharmic culture and Yogic way - these are some of the basic learnings when you take deep interest in the Veda Chanting classes. If you wish to become an achiever then chanting Vedic hymns and mantras will sharpen your mental powers and intensify your consciousness. Read More
September 5
No Events