Manmarziyaan (Hindi Movie)
Hindi Movie
Manmarziyaan is a Hindi romantic comedy-drama directed by Anurag Kashyap and written by Kanika Dhillon. Starring Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal. It is a love

Chakra Balancing Retreat
Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of

Lion King | Raja Simha | Magic in Movement
Serene Masculinity..... Fearless Demeanor... Disciplined Disposition.... Charm....Finesse.....Love.....Respect..... AWAIT ..... THIS THRILLING SAGA.....LION KING.RAJASIMHA... a

Sitar & Shenai Concert - Divine Trio
Divine Trio Concert Presented by - Service Place (a 501-3c organization committed to promoting and preserving cultural heritages) Sitar - Vidushi MITA NAG (daughter of Pt Manilal

Mahima 2018 | Hariharan Musical Night
Man with the Golden Voice Padmashree Hariharan celebrating 40 years of his musical journey. His voice soothes all souls! Its so magical !!! Padmashree Hariharan Celebrating 40

Diwali Festival 2018
Special performance by American Idol finalist Sonika Vaid. Electryfing DJ music by 808 Entertainment.

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Hi If your kid is interested in learning to play saxophone or guitar, take the opportunity to let them learn and develop. I play saxophone and guitar in my free-time and teach some extra on the side.My parents got me started when I was a little kid, something I am thankful for today. Music brings so much joy. I offer the following: Guitar: Beginner level classes Saxophone: beginner level classes I am a self taught guitarist who have played mainly at home and in church for multiple years. A wonderful instrument. I have played Saxophone for 15 plus years. I have been tough in music school from the age 11-19. I played two more years, after finishing high school, in two different music schools focusing mainly on Jazz. I have played in different Big Bands, Orchestras, Churches and other constellations. I also played classical Clarinet from the age of 11-21. I offer the following package-deal: 4 classes per month (one per week) Every class is 30 min long Total cost $80 Classes would be held in my apartment here in Chandler Parents are encouraged to participate to be able to help your kid as they practice at home. *There is a package-deal of $100 per month if you want me to come and teach at your home. That is also possible. It depends on how far away you live from me (preferably in the Chandler area) and on my schedule. Samuel Valentine (originally from Sweden)


Name of the Company:  
Music Classes
661-387-5892 &
Job Location:  
Chandler AZ
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