Hushaaru (Telugu Movie)
Telugu Movie
It is the story of four friends from middle-class families who believe in carving a niche for themselves by not following a trodden path set by others. However, their liberal

Punjab to Pondy | New Year Celebrations
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Sangeethshri Musical classes

“Sangeet hai shakti ishwar ki har sur mein base hain raam
 Raagi ko sunaaye raag madhur, rogi ko mile aaraam” 
What Hemant Kumar sang in 1954 is still relevant today as is evident from what Sangeetshri School Of Music is doing since 2005. Music is the language God speaks through us. His presence can be felt in nature and everything around it. In the light of Dr. Vijayshree Sharma’s guidance students have learnt to love music and devote time and energy in seeking unity in chaos.