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May 14
Narsingh Jayanti or Lord Narasimha Chaturdashi which falls on May 25 will be celebrated at the Hare Krishna Temple between 6 and 7 PM. The highlight of the event is the Fire Sacrifice which the devotees can partake by opting for a $51 donation. Link
May 13
It is one golden opportunity which makes you armed with the highest knowledge of the most advanced and the oldest faith called Hinduism. Hindu Temple of Arizona invites all who are interested to join Vedic Pathshala and learn Vedas, Shastra-Puranas, Sanskrit Literature. The classes begin from May 16, 10 AM. Link
May 12
Shirdi Saibaba Temple is going to perform the consecration ceremony which is also known as Samprokhshanam or Kumbhabhishekam where the mystic powers of the temple deity will be invoked following the Pranaprathisthanam of deities like Lord Ganapati, Baba, Lord Shiva and others. Join the ceremony which will be observed on the 13th and 14th of May, 2021. Link
May 11
The day of the great feast Post a month long fastings falls on May 13. Come and share Eidi with friends and acquaintances at Chateau Luxe on Eid Al Fitr Brunch organized by Dulhania Bazaar. Link
May 10
God gives us opportunities to prove ourselves as sentient beings. This is the time to come forward and donate for Covid 19 Relief Fund. Last day of the four day drive today. Give generously so someone in India lives healthy. Link
May 9
If you are for premium brands, then your shopping destination is Cloves Indian Groceries and Kitchen. Order anything that is Indian - vegetables, fruits, daily curries, or kitchen needs - you get them at a price you can never say no to. Link
May 8
Call it comfort food or guilty pleasure, Indo Chinese is something you can never say no to. And when it comes from Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, it is like savoring food from two countries, India and China. It is absolutely satisfying. Link
May 8
The season of Mangoes is still on, get your case of mangoes today because the demand is really huge, so much so that all weekend delivery slots are full already. Order for curbside pickup all your weekly vegetables which are right now not only farm fresh but also on sale. Link
May 7
This pandemic might have stunted many shopping wishes especially jewelries, but Kothari’s has made special arrangements like video calls and have a demo to choose the jewelry you want to buy. You can not just buy but also get your items home delivered. Link
May 6
Hindu Temple of Arizona is starting Vedic Pathshala from May 16 where students will be able to learn about the Indian culture and faith by getting acquainted with the Hindi scriptures, learn Shlokas, Suktas, Stotras through online classes between 10 and 10:30 AM. Link
May 5
Two more days remaining for you to come forward and donate generously for the Covid-19 Relief Fund organized by Indo American Foundation of Arizona on May 6 and May 10. In this donation drive May the 4th be with you! Link
May 5
North American Telugu Association has organized Volleyball Championship on May 8th and 9th which will have Advanced, Intermediate, and Co-Ed categories. Link
May 4
Dulhania Bazaar invites you to celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr on May 13 at Chateau Luxe from 2 PM. In this unprecedented time, the best way to defeat the Pandemic is to do prayers, celebrate, share happiness and food. Link
May 3
Mark your calendar on these three days - May 7, 8 and 9 to witness the historical moment of Maha Dhwajastamba Kumbhabhishekam Ashtotara Shata kalasabhishekam. Devotees will also be entertained with a cultural program by Kalashrusti on all three days. Link
May 2
Indo American Foundation of Arizona invites you on May 3, May 6 and May 10 to serve your motherland India by contributing generously to the Covid-19 Relief Fun. Link
May 2
The Veda discusses sambandha (the relationship between the living entity and the Supreme Entity), abhidheya (the means for attaining the object of pursuit) and prayojana (the very object of pursuit) are the paths to perfection. Let HG Bhadra Das guide you to these three paths at Sunday Feast Class on May 2 from 4 PM. Link
May 1
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