Shobana's Trance | Dancing Drums
Ace Choreographer and Actor Shobana with 5 Dancers and Live Musicians....Seeking harmony through A pastiche of Sound, Vivid Imagery & Theatre. Synopsis: Trance -is a quest to

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May 20
If you buy your tickets for Shobana's 'Trance'  in the next 48 hours, we at AZGoshala are giving you a special deal, you will get a FREE UPGRADE. For instance, if you buy a ticket of $29 your seat will be upgraded to $50, $50 to $75, $75 to $100, $100 to $150. Tickets
May 16
Vijay Prakash an accomplished singer who has in his kitty prestigious awards no less than the Oscar and the Grammy. This first class trained singer will make Phoenix great again with his melodious presence at Mesa Arts center on May 20. Be there to witness him experimenting with his trademark high pitch vocals and make your ‘Khali Quarter Batli’ full again with the nectar of his music. Info
May 15
An unique opportunity to experience laughter, humor and sarcasm at its best brought to you on May 16 Free event at IACRF Hall. The three haasya-vyang kavi/kaviyatri who take humor seriously will tickle you with their art of humor and witty punchlines literally making all gloom and sorrow vanish. Info
May 13
Not all of us are as lucky as you to hug our mother and tell her how much we love her. So make the most of this unique relation and thank her for loving and caring for you since the day you were conceived. #Talktoher today & everyday. Happy Mothers day.
May 10
A singing and dancing evening titled Raag-Rang has been arranged by the highly reputed school of Indian Arts, Phoenix Gharana  on May 19 for all music lovers in Phoenix to come and enjoy.Book yourself a seat today.
May 6
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May 4
SVK Udupi Temple brings to you the Fiddling Monks, Ganesh Kumaresh, in a Double Bonanza event on May 5 at the McClintock High School Auditorium. The Violin brothers will present very original and unique style at the violin concert. Details
May 3
Shobhana is that dancing sensation who is internationally famous for being a Bharatanatyam dancer besides a movie star. Being in Phoenix gives you that opportunity, rare to the rest of the world, to witness her perform this classical art live on stage for you on June 9 at Mesa Art Center.Tickets