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November 27
More than half a dozen states celebrate January 15 as the Harvest festival which marks the end of harvesting. Next year this day of Makar Sankranti which is known as different names in Punjab, Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Odisha, etc. Read More
November 27
Look your Christmassy best to celebrate the biggest festival of the year on December 25. Done some exclusive hand-made jewelries by Kothari's Jewellery and make a mark as a fashion figure in the festive gatherings. Read More
November 25
Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona has made all arrangements for the believers to perform Abhishekam, Archana, and Ayyappa Mandala Puja at the temple from November 19, 2022 till January 7, 2023. Read More
November 22
Only food will make you feel genuinely grateful. This Thanksgiving you are bound to say grace because the food on your table is going to be the most sumptuous, satisfactory, and fulfilling. Why so, because no Indo Chinese food can compare the quality and taste of Inchin's Bamboo Garden - Scottsdale.
November 21
Best Sale Ever, 10 to 50 percent discount, Weeklong Sale, From sarees to kurtis to jewelry to brass idols to gifts to men's clothing to kids clothing to a lot more, Both online and in-store shopping. www.chandlerfashions.com
November 20
Thursday, 24 November, is dedicated to food and feast and friends and family. Let's make this Thanksgiving day special with super-perfect food items from Inchin's Bamboo Garden - Scottsdale.
November 18
Biggest thanksgiving sale, Sarees,Lehangas,Kurtis,Kids wear, Mens wear , Jewelry gifts and many more..Check out Local Chandler fashions and make best out of this deals. Sale Info
November 18
Arizona Malayalees Association invites you to celebrate Christmas at Red Mountain Center Mesquite Room on December 30. Bring your whole clan to enjoy the festivities laid out to you from 6PM onwards. Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart. Read More
November 16
Your daily toothpaste is not enough to fight them off which is the reason you should make a compulsory visit to your dentist twice a year so that you can tackle the problems before they become serious. Read More
November 15
Kannada Sangha of Arizona welcomes all on November 19 to enjoy LIVE Music Show by none other than popular singer, composer, lyricist and playback singer of Kannada films, Chandan Shetty at Bulpitt Auditorium. Read More
November 14
Ayyappa Mandala puja including special Abhishekam, Archana and Maha Harathi to Ayyappa Swami between November 19 and January 7 as well as the #Irumudi Pilgrimage on January 14th. Read More
November 13
Indo-American Foundation of Arizona Ekta Mandir & Community Center will celebrate Ayyappa Puja And Bhajan on November 19 and devotees are welcome to participate in the rituals which will begin from 5:30 PM onwards. Read More
November 11
If you have any speck of doubt about India's glory, then pay a visit to India Association organized mega event Discover India on November 13 and celebrate the greatness called India. Read More
November 9
Five days from today, you will come face to face with the splendiferousness called INDIA. An event titled Discover India will allow you to come even more close to a nation which is the harbinger of peace and harmony among many nations in the whole world. Read More
November 7
Shirdi Saibaba Temple Arizona is celebrating this auspicious occasion of Full Moon day as well as Karthika Mondays with Shiva Abhishekam and Sahasranamarachna. Devotees are welcome at the temple to participate and take blessings. Ceremony begins 7 in the evening. Read More
November 7
Carnatic Music Trivia: Today, the use of violin in Carnatic music is taken for granted, but two centuries ago it had almost lost out to the piano as the newfangled accompaniment in South Indian classical music. In fact, the musicians of that era had a wide choice of native bowed instruments and they had no reason to look at the violin. Read More
November 3
While eclipses are a celestial event for skygazers, they are also associated with many Do's and dont's , read info and plan. Details 
November 2
Organized by Arizona Telugu Association along with sweet sixteen promoters and Maecenates, Deepavali this year is expecting a swarm of visitors and why not, there is something for everyone irrespective of their age and choice. More Details
November 1
Tulasi Vivaha is celebrated on the Dwadashi (12th day) of the Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) during the month of Kartik. Tulsi herself is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Mahalakshmi, who was earlier born as 'Vrinda'. Read More