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Tanu Weds Manu Returns ( Hindi Movie)
Starring : Kangana Ranaut, R Madhavan, Jimmy Shergill, Deepak Dobriyal, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub, Rajesh Sharma, Swara Bhaskar
Producer : Sunil A Lulla, Krishika Lulla
Director: Anand L Rai
Music : Krsna Solo & Tanishk - Vayu

Rating : 4 out of 5

What's about :
  people living overseas are far more seeped in Indian ethnic values, customs, festivities and rituals, when compared to a lot many Indians living in Hindustan.

The NRI in TWMR is docile, unassuming and soft-spoken, has no accent or attitude, believes in arranged marriages, relishes the evergreen songs of Mohammed Rafi, is old-fashioned literally. The girl is contradictory. She's belligerent and dominating, also smokes, drinks and uses expletives, has had many 'affairs', has her new boyfriend's name tattooed on her chest, is a straight-forward and fearless babe. This is their story!

Location : The colours of Kanpur, the mood of Jhajjar in Haryana, the long shots of Connaught Place, the pedal-boats on the Purana Qila lake, the Delhi Zoo, the grounds of Ramjas College, the DTC buses ,  Lucknow and London  all have all been captured beautifully.

Story : The prequel TWM in 2011 had ended at Tanuja (Tanu) and Manoj's (Manu) wedding.  In 2015, TWMR  shows now-warring couple inside a mental rehabilitation centre in London. The asylum meeting takes a weird turn, and Manu is detained there. Tanu speaks to her friend Payal (Swara Bhaskar), and leaves for Kanpur . On her way back to India, she calls up Manu's friend Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal) and drops the 'Manu-pagal khaane-mein-hai-usko-leke-aana' bomb.

Pappi arrives in London and goes around sight-seeing, and when questioned by Tanu about the 'pagalkhaana' status, responds, "60,000 ka ticket hai, is liye socha seedha pagal khana kya jaaunga; pehle thodi sight-seeing kar leta hoon." The script is filled with these brilliant one-liners.

Pappi brings Manu back to India, and Fate places Kusum Kumari Sangwan (Kangana Ranaut), the buck-toothed 'state level athletes' from Delhi University, on his way. And Kusum is a spitting image of Manu's wife. What ensues is two hours of a laugh riot.  But what will happen when the broken-hearted Tanu will learn about thisManu- Kusum wedding ? Will Manu tie the knot once again? This and much more is all rolled up in this fun-drama.

Madhavan & Kangana share a genuine, natural chemistry , a marriage of experience and sheer talent.

Characters :

Kangana Ranaut [Kusum "Datto" Sangwan/Tanuja "Tanu" Trivedi] : a complete visual double treat  in a double role.  Kusum Dattu's innocence, Haryanvi accent and spunky Tanu. masterful performance . Kangana infuses Tanu with a rare charm, using people as a 'kandha'. Her  Kusum is mind-blowing Haryanvi state level athlete ,pitch-perfect. From her accent to her gait to her mannerisms, Kusum manages to shine .

R.Madhavan [ Manu" Sharma ] : does well some funny one-liners as cute adorable husband

Jimmi Shergill [ Raja Awasthi ]:  leaves a mark as the lovestruck Awasthi, reeling over life’s lemons. a stellar performance , superb straight faced humour!

Deepak Dobriyal [ Pappi ji ] : steals the show . He cracks you up instantly with his straight faced way of delivering dialogues.  carries off superb lines with breezy perfection,  "Are you Salman Khan ,jo commitment nahin choroge?",

Swara Bhaskar [Payal Rathore  ] :  looks impressive

 Eijaz Khan [ Jassi ],Navni Parihar [ Tanu's Mother], K.K. Raina [Manu's Father ], Rajendra Gupta [ Tanu's Father], Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub [ Chintu] , Dipti Mishra [ Manu's Mother ] ,Rajesh Sharma [ Datto's Brother ]  are effective & wonderful.

each actor delivers, brings an authentic feel to it’s narrative. Two new additions - Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub & Rajesh Sharma add colour & flavour  with their flair for earthy roles. Ravi Kissen is wasted.

Pros :funny, eclectic and wondrous plot , spin of the story , the performances deserve standing ovation , Dialouges , Brilliant Direction , eccentric characters, hilarious scenes

Manu's mother has a whole monologue, nagging - and emotions that tug at your heart while tickling you pink.

 Cons :  a few technical errors-  lip syncing errors at the start and in the second half. The 2nd half sags a bit with humour declining and emotional outpouring ! The beti bachao, beti ko azaadi dilao speech by Datto's brother, seems forced .
The big mole on Kangana’s neck was strikingly visible on the double role characters which the crew failed to cover up.

 Music : The innovative music adds a nice touch. ‘Move On’, ‘Mat Ja Re’ and  funny Haryanvi version of ‘Old School Girl’ - music & lyrics are brilliant . Banno tera Sweater , Mari Gali & Ghani Bawri are chartbusters. Background score is also heart touching.

Can you explain ? :

1- why did the lead pair visit a British Mental Assylum with Hindi-speaking psychiatrists to find a solution to their turbulent marriage ?

2 - Manu and Raja like the same girl the second time ?

3 -  Pappi’s one sided infatuation was a time waster .

4 - Tanu’s flings with Raja and yet feeling remorse to suit the climax ?
5 - In India , Tanu shows her spoilt-child image by walking around in just a towel !

 Verdict : TWMR is a thoroughly entertaining, colourful & enjoyable experience.  it makes you laugh out loud , sad and euphoric all at once. Hoots and claps are the order of the day! A treat for all married and wholesome entertainment for rest of the world , with the philosophy- It's hard to love happily, Yet, so easy.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns | Official Trailer | Kangana Ranaut- R. Madhavan

Banno Full Song

Mat Ja Re | Video Song