'Just needed a break': Glenn Maxwell opens up about battle with depression during 2019 World Cup

Battling depression is not easy and when Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell went through it, many fans wanted to know what exactly went wrong. The 31-year-old player on Wednesday opened up on his struggles with mental health.

He said that he was hoping he had broken his arm during the 2019 World Cup so that he could get a break. Maxwell took an indefinite break in between the T20I series between Australia and Sri Lanka last year. The right-hander was suffering from depression and it turned out to be the main reason behind the sudden decision he took.

Maxwell recalled the nets session in July before Australia’s World Cup encounter against South Africa. He said that he and Shaun Marsh were both struck on the arms while batting. 

While talking on the Ordineroli Speaking podcast with Neroli Meadows, Maxwell said: “I knew he (Marsh) was in trouble when he came in, and immediately I felt bad for him. I just thought I hope he’s OK, and if anything, I wish we could swap our news (suspecting Marsh’s arm was broken).”

He added: “We went to the hospital together and we were both sitting there, I think both hoping for opposite news. When I got hit, I was angry and a part of me was hoping (my arm) was broken.

“I was like ‘this is it, I just need a break’... I was thinking about things I could do on the way back to snap it. I had anger at other people and it didn’t make sense, but I was angry at myself for not being able to produce at all this World Cup. I thought it would’ve been an easy escape because I felt like I was going to get dropped at some stage and I thought maybe this is the way.”

Maxwell, in a podcast, had also said that it was his partner Vini Raman, who helped him in overcoming his mental issues. According to him, she was the one, who noticed something when he was playing in the Marsh Cup.

Maxwell said, “I think the first time she [Raman] noticed I wasn’t myself was in the Marsh Cup at the start of the summer. I think I was up to about eight months away from home at that stage. I was just cooked, I was tired and I was about to go into another series.  I was already thinking about how I was going to get better and where I was going to be at the end of the summer, my mind was just racing, I was thinking so far ahead.”

“I just completely forgot about what I was doing in the moment, and she [Raman] knew that straight away. I think when we got back to Melbourne, I was finally able to see some family, I still wasn’t my energetic, bubbly self.  I wasn’t happy, basically, and it wasn’t something I noticed, I thought I was tired, it was just one of those things…I’ll push through it,” Glenn Maxwell said.

Since making his return back from the break, Maxwell has been in tremendous form. The Aussie international marked his comeback in competitive cricket as he scored 398 runs playing for Melbourne Stars in BBL 2019-20.

Last month, Maxwell even got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Vini Raman. The couple shared the news with the fans via social media.