Incredible love story of 82-year-old man who got back his first love after 50 years

You have often heard in films or read in books that first love can never be forgotten. True as the saying may be, a gatekeeper from the haunted village of Rajasthan's Kuldhara reunited with his long-lost love after 50 years.

In the 70s, a girl from Australia came to visit Rajasthan in India, and during her stay here she fell in love with a gatekeeper. However, soon they parted ways as the girl left for her native place.

But this unusual story of how they fell in love, got separated, and then got back after 50 years will leave you dumbstruck. A full anecdote has been given about this on the Facebook page of Humans of Bombay.

Let's know the gatekeeper's 'incomplete love story' here.

82 year old tells his story
'I was 30 when I first met Marina. She came to Jaisalmer for a desert safari while on a visit to Rajasthan from Australia. Marina had a five-day trip and I taught her how to ride a camel. It was the 1970s. In those days love even use to happen at first sight. And exactly that happened. For both of us, it was love at first sight.

During the entire trip, we were unable to remove our eyes from each other. And before she left for Australia, Marina spoke the three magical words, 'I Love You'.

I was completely red with embarrassment. No one had said those words to me before. I can never forget those days. I was so ashamed that I could not utter a single word in response to her confession.

But she understood and we were in touch with each other ever after Marina left for her country. She used to write letters to me every week. And after a few weeks, she called me to Australia and I felt as if I was over the moon with joy.

Without telling my family, I borrowed Rs 30,000 and bought a ticket to Melbourne, arranged a visa, and took a flight to live with her.

Those three months were magical for me. She taught me English, I taught him Rajasthani 'Ghoomar' dance. But she said, "Let's get married and settle in Australia." This was when I was in a state of confusion.

I did not want to leave my motherland and she did not want to settle in India. I told her, "This cannot go on for a long time." And we decided to separate.

It was not easy, she was crying fiercely the day I left her, but I had to leave her and return back.

Then, our life progressed. A few years later, due to family pressure, I had to get married. After that, I worked as a gatekeeper of Kuldhara. During those years, I used to think about Marina, would she have got married?

Will I see her again? But I never dared to write to her a letter again.

As time went by, memories also became blurred. I got busy with my family responsibilities. And two years ago, my wife died.

All my children got married and moved forward in their respective lives. And I, who is 82 years old, continued to work as a gatekeeper in the ghostly village of India.

And as soon as I thought that no surprise is going to happen in my life, then something like this happened. A month ago, Marina messaged me from somewhere.

She asked, "How are you, my friend?" I got goosebumps. She found me after 50 years. From then on, she would call me every day.

She told me that she never married and that she is coming to India soon. I swear by Ramji, I started to feel like I am 21 years old again.

I do not know what the future holds, but knowing that my first love is back in my life and talking to me every day is a feeling that I cannot explain.

Source : DNA India