AC, coolers, other electronics likely to get expensive soon, here's why

In bad news for common people, electronic items like AC, TV, Fridge, Cooler in India may expensive. The reason for this is said to be a strong jump in the prices of copper.

After attacking the health, coronavirus is now going to attack the pockets of people. The prices of most electronic items including TV and refrigerator are going to increase. According to experts, industrial production has increased as soon as the lockdown is over, due to which copper is being used on a large scale. In such a situation, its demand is continuously increasing. However, the production of copper is limited, due to which, the prices of copper have started increasing.

For those thinking about how the prices of copper will affect the prices of electronics, you will be surprised to know that copper is used in making most of the electronics items. Talking about the figures, 65 percent of copper is used in making electrical equipment, 25 percent in construction work, 7 percent in transport work and 3 percent in other sectors. In such a situation, if the price of copper goes up, electronic items can also become expensive.

Notably, the experts have made this claim after a study on the Chinese market. The study found that the consumption of copper has increased as soon as the lockdown opened in China. But due to the limited supply, there has been a jump in the prices of copper. India is moving fast towards unlocking. Therefore, experts have warned about the situation here as well.

Copper is most commonly used in electronic items like water motors, air conditioners, coolers, mixer grinders, wiring, heating elements, motors, internet lines. The demand increases in summer a lot, so all these things can be expensive. In such a situation, if you are thinking of taking these items, it's a good time to buy them.

Source : DNA India