MLA gets befitting reply from angry villagers for ignoring his constituency, forced to walk in sewer water

In Uttar Pradesh's Hapur district a group of villagers made their MLA walk on a flooded street with filthy water when he visited the village. The villagers are angry because due to the monsoon rains, the drains are overfilled and this dirty water has filled the entire stretch of the road, leading to difficulty in commuting.

The MLA had visited the village as part of his 'padh yatra' or travel on foot ahead of the UP Assembly elections. The villagers seemed angry with the MLA, who they say never visited the village in the last fours years since he was elected to the position. And now that the UP assembly elections are due in 2022, his visit has outraged the people.

For the past three days, the villagers are forced to walk on the sewer water accumulated on the road as there is a problem of waterlogging due to drainage overflow resulting from poor roads and drainage systems.

The villagers made BJP MLA from Garhmukteshwar assembly seat of Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh walk in the sewer water accumulated on the road. The video of the incident is going viral on social media.

One user wrote, "He was made to walk over coals before they declared OH OUR LEADER IS GREAT! Let's vote for him!"

Another wrote, "Gimmicks to assuage a guilty conscience, they will still vote as they must."

One user applauded the villagers saying, "This video is proof that citizens have common sense."

While another said, "Nicely done, these MLAs need to taste their own medicine!"

MLA Kamal Singh Malik is on a 'padh yatra', going from village to village in the Vidhan Sabha Election Mission 2022. On the fourth day of his yatra, the MLA had to face angry protests from the villagers in Nanai. The villagers protested and did not allow the panchayat to be held.

When the MLA reached Dholpur village with his supporters, the people of Dholpur gathered and surrounded the MLA. He was made to walk on the sewer water accumulated on the village road.

Source : DNA India