Know everything behind Pakistani meme about friendship that broke the internet

Who doesn't like a sappy friendship story? These two men of Pakistan were best friends and then their friendship ended but what came of it was a viral line which read as 'Friendship ended with...'

On International Friendship Day now this story of friendship is one of the biggest viral memes from Pakistan. It is now set for an NFT auction as well.

It was in 2015 that the Facebook post by Asif had gone viral where Asif announced a breakup with his best friend and also introduced a new friend, Salman. He had written what turned then into a viral meme, "Friendship ended with Mudasir, now Salman is my best friend."

History behind the viral meme

Asif was clear with his breakup message with his best friend as he wrote, "I DECLARE THAT I LEFT MY PAST BEST FRIEND MUDASIR_ISMAIL_AHMAD." After the viral post, Mudasir was the one who complained to Asif’s brother about the Facebook post. After Mudasir's complaint, Asif, in another Facebook post, called Mudasir 'cheap' for making an issue of things.

Later after the whole controversy, Mudasir and Salman became Asif’s BFFs and they all lived to tell the happy tale.

The message of friendship

The trio of Asif, Mudasir, and Salman are still best friends, however, looking back at these moments, Asif says that it was not expected. "I was just upset with Mudasir and wanted to convey to him how I felt. When I wrote ‘Friendship ended with Mudasir and Salman is my best friend’, little did I know that it would become such a rage.:

However, Asif is now nothing but excited about the NFT auction and says that it wouldn't be possible without Mudasir and Salman. About the incident, Asif said, "I never wanted to lose my best friend, that’s why we buried the hatchet. It is easy to make friends but the real hard work is to keep the friendship going."

Source : DNA India