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After gold biryani, its time for gold-plated Vada Pav in Dubai

When it comes to street foods, no doubt Mumbai Vada Pav is people's favourite. Now India's favourite snack has got an upgrade that most people might not like. The Mumbai famous vada pav is now being gold-plated in Dubai.

After gold biryani and golden burgers, it's now the time for gold-plated Vada Pav. Dubai is serving the world's first 22-karat gold-plated Vada Pav.

A restaurant named O’Pao, located in Karama, is known for serving Indian dishes and now it has introduced the 'precious' pav that is priced at Dh 99 (nearly Rs 2,000) and it is only available for dine-in option.

The video shared by Masrat Dawood on Twitter has been viewed over 20 thousand times with netizens having their own take for the video. The viral video shows the vada pav being served in a wooden carved box that is lit with a nitrogen base. The 22k gold-plated vada pav comes with a side of sweet potato fries and mint lemonade.

Reportedly, the vada is filled with cheese and imported French truffle butter while the bread is topped with homemade mint mayonnaise dip. The vada is wrapped with premium quality French-imported 22 karat gold leaves.

Reacting to the viral video, one user on Twitter wrote, "Should be sued for disrespecting a vada pav Rolling on the floor laughing," while another commented, "Vada Pav now enjoys the gold standard."

Would you eat this 22-k gold-plated vada pav?

Source : DNA India