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Good news for train passengers! Now travel in AC coach for price of sleeper

Indian Railways has prepared a new plan to promote the passengers travelling in Sleeper Class in AC class. If this plan is successful, not only will the train journey of the people become better, but the earnings of the railways will also increase more than before.

Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager, Northern Railway said that new AC3 Economy Class coaches have been prepared to attract sleeper class passengers to AC coaches. Its purpose is to provide the opportunity of AC travel to those people, who had not yet booked tickets in these coaches due to the fear of expensive fares. The fare in these new AC3 economy class will be 8 to 10 per cent less than that of AC3 coach.

He told that many features have been added to the new AC3 Economy Coach. In these new coaches, the gap between 2 seats has been reduced. Till now, one coach has a maximum of 72 seats but the number of berths in AC3 economy coach has been increased to 83.

According to Gangal, these changes will increase the earnings of the Railways. At the same time, due to the reduction in fares, passengers will also benefit from it. He said that as of now, no changes have been made in the coaches of AC First Class, Second Class and Third Class.

The official said that the interior design of the AC3 Economy Coach has been changed. AC duct has been installed separately for each seat. Along with this, arrangements have been made for bottle stand, reading light and charging for each seat.

In view of the coronavirus epidemic, the design of the wash basin has also been changed. You can also wash your hands in the washbasin by using your foot to turn the tap on. Comfortable toilets have been designed for the handicapped. The interior of the coach has been improved by providing smoke detectors and information display boards.

According to railway officials, these coaches will start being installed in many trains from this week. After this, railway passengers will be able to book for travel in these. The officers hope that these new coaches will get full support of the passengers and there will be less fight among the people for berths

Source : DNA India