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Cooking gas price skyrockets as customers not receiving subsidy amount - check details

On one side, cooking gas cylinder prices are skyrockets and on the other hand, the subsidy given on cylinders is decreasing by the day. The rule was that a customer would get the cylinder refilled at a non-subsidized rate. The amount of subsidy would be directly deposited in the customer's bank account within a few days.

The cost of a non-subsidized cylinder at present has reached Rs 922.50. However, the subsidy amount is not getting deposited into the bank accounts of the customers, a media report claimed. Till two years back, the government was giving a subsidy amount of Rs 397 on each cooking gas cylinder refilling. This subsequently decreased to Rs 35.14 by July 2021.

Presently, the price of subsidized and non-subsidized cylinders is the same. Meanwhile, after a consumer tweeted to the petroleum ministry regarding the issue, the grievance redressal platform, formed by the petroleum ministry to look into the consumer grievances has responded to the tweet.

It replied, "Dear consumer since from May 2020 there is no difference in the rates of subsidized and non-subsidized LPG cylinders, no subsidy amount is being transferred to the bank accounts of any customers."

Rs 190 increased in 9 months In January 2021, the cooking gas cylinder price in India was Rs 732 per cylinder.

In the past nine months, six times the LPG rates have increased leading to Rs 190 increase on a cylinder.

Source : DNA India