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This woman from China with the strangest disease has not slept in 45 years - Find out why

In today's day and age with immense work pressure, many are troubled by insomnia, a disease where people have trouble sleeping at night. We often hear people going for therapy sessions to cure it and it does help in the long run. But have you ever heard of someone who hasn't slept for years straight? Well, here is a story of a woman who hails from China who has not slept in 45 years.

Li Zhanying, a resident of Henan province in China has been troubled by this weird disease which does not let her sleep, not even for a second. The 45-year-old woman claims that she has not slept even for a minute for the last 40 years. The last time she slept was when she was around 5-6 years old.

Li's husband Liu Suoquin has justified her claim of the disease. He admits to not seeing his wife sleep after marriage to date. Not only this, Li keeps doing household chores to pass the time at night. Initially, Liu her husband even bought sleeping pills that might help her sleep well but that also was useless.

Despite her difficult life, Li is very popular in her village. People who live nearby come and play cards with her outside her house at night to take Li's test for fun. What happens after some time is that other fall asleep while Li stays quite awake.

Li has been to many doctors but no one could suggest anything useful or something that might help her.