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‘Strong, well-organised’ army to be formed in Afghanistan: Taliban army chief Qari Fasihuddin

Qari Fasihuddin, a senior leader of the Taliban, has recently taken charge as the new army chief of Afghanistan, soon after the militant group assumed control of the country. Fasihuddin has also talked about his plans regarding the formation of the Afghanistan army.

While talking at a press conference in Kabul, the new army chief of Afghanistan said that the country will have a “regular and disciplined” army of its own, with a well-organized structure. He also said that the soldiers of this army will be trained to defend the borders of Afghanistan.

Fasihuddin further talked about how the discussions are currently underway about how to form the new Afghanistan army, which will be “regular, disciplined and strong.” He also stated that the Taliban will not let a civil war erupt in the nation.

As per media reports, Qari Fasihuddin said, “We will not let a civil war erupt. Those disturbing security and stability will be trampled and those opposing the Taliban will be arrested.” The statements issued by Fasihuddin were later confirmed by Taliban spokesman Ahmadullah Muttaqi.

Muttaqi posted a tweet that stated that Afghanistan will “soon have a well-organized army and force”. He also said that the troops which will be recruited for the Afghanistan armed forces will be trained to defend Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Ahmadullah Muttaqi’s tweet reads, “Afghanistan will soon have a well-organized army and force. Qari Fasihuddin, the Taliban’s chief of staff, said consultations were underway to form an army and that a regular army and force would be formed soon. He said the troops should be trained to defend Afghanistan.”

The Taliban had assumed control of Afghanistan just last month, and has since announced its cabinet of ministers to form a government in the country. Qari Fasihuddin, who has been made the army chief of the country, was interestingly declared dead in 2019 by the Ashraf Ghani- led government.

Source : DNA India