Cars, bikes impatiently wait as huge python slowly crosses road

Pythons find it easier to survive in marshy lands, eating rats which are plentiful in the region. Kochi has extensive patches of these marshes. Python sightings have grown during recent years. So much so that the giant snake is now joining into the bustle of daily commute. Creating a small traffic jam on Sunday night, a large python was encountered on the congested Seaport-Airport Road in Kochi's Kalamassery. Halting impatient commuters, roughly two-metre-long Indian rock python slowly crawled its way across the main road near the KSEB headquarters at around 11 at night, it was reported.

As the python took its time, cars and bikes impatiently wait for the traffic to restart. Some observers are busy capturing photos and videos of the serpent. One food delivery guy decided the wait would be too long.

The python took 4 to 5 minutes to cross the traffic since it was moving at a slow pace and others waited for it to go off the service road. A few individuals gathered in the centre of the lane to make sure the reptile didn't get hit by a moving car. The reptile then vanished into the woods along the roadside.

The footage of the reptile was shared on Twitter and soon went viral. Watch it below:

Pythons are not poisonous, but that does not imply they cannot kill a human. As the people observing did not attack the python, it posed no threat to them and slithered by.

As reported by a leading daily, a local forest department official revealed that at least two to three python rescue calls are received from Kochi and surrounding areas every week.

Source : DNA India