‘We will come out victorious in case of war with China’: Army chief MM Naravane

Army Chief General MM Naravane, amid the increasing friction between Indian and Chinese forces on the borders, made a reassuring statement today. The army chief general said that India will "come out victorious" in case of war with China.

Though he expressed his confidence in the Indian armed forces in cases of a war-like situation, Army chief Manoj Mukund Naravane said that war stays only as an "instrument of last resort", amid the increasing tensions on the borders.

While talking to news agency ANI, the army chief general said, “War or conflict is always an instrument of last resort. But if resorted to, we will come out victorious.” He also said that the solution to the conflicts is solving the border issues with the neighbouring country.

While answering a question regarding the situation on the northern border, Army Chief General MM Naravane said, “Long-term solution is to resolve the border question rather than this becoming point of difference and a pinprick in our bilateral relations.”

While talking to the media, he further added, “We're well poised all along our borders and there is no question that any status quo, as it exists today, will ever be altered.” Further, Naravane also said that there have been positive developments on the northern and western borders.

Army Chief General MM Naravane addressed the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Annual Press Conference 2022 earlier today and said that there have been positive developments at the India borders but a rise in terrorist concentrations has been noted in some areas.

As quoted by news agency PTI, Naravane said, “While there has been partial engagement, the threat by no means has been reduced. We are hopeful of resolving issues at Patrolling Point 15 (Hot Springs). We are more than adequately prepared to deal with it should there be any military ramifications.”

Source : DNA India