WhatsApp can now track women's menstrual cycle, here's how

Who would have thought the simple mobile application, WhatsApp, used for messaging purposes will one day become a handy reminder for your menstrual cycle one day?

A feminine hygiene company has created India's first-ever menstrual cycle tracker for WhatsApp to help women keep a track of their periods. Sirona has developed an AI-based, intuitive technology to provide easy access to consumers via WhatsApp.

To avail of this service, you just have to send a 'Hi' to 9718866644. The period tracking application can be used to track three goals: track periods, conceive, and avoid pregnancy.

Here is how you can track their menstrual cycle on WhatsApp.

Add 9718866644 to your contacts
Then send “Hi” on WhatsApp
Sirona will provide a list of options
To track your periods, write “period tracker” in the chat box
You will then be asked to enter your period details
Sirona will show you details like your ovulation details, fertile window, next period and last period and even your cycle length.

Users will be asked to provide information about their periods and previous periods, and the chatbot will keep a record and share reminders and forthcoming cycle dates based on the user's goals. The WhatsApp Business Platform is used to build the period tracker. It is powered by an intuitive chatbot interface, which makes the user experience smooth and entertaining.

Source : DNA India