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Paid debt of banks, sons earning good money, what is current worth of Mukesh Ambani's brother Anil Ambani

Mukesh Ambani's brother Anil Ambani's days are steadily changing. Anil Amban's bankrupt business is now being managed by his sons, Jai Anmol and Jai Anshul Ambani.

Both sons are making every effort to reclaim Anil Ambani's former status. The two sons' diligent labours are beginning to bear fruit. Japan's Nippon has also invested in Reliance Capital. The companies' shares are increasing following this. In addition, Reliance Power's stock price has increased. It is clearly having an impact on his earnings and wealth. Let's observe the gradual transformation of Anil Ambani's days.

For the past few days, investors have benefited from Reliance Power, Anil Ambani's business. It is thought that this is because the business paid back the bank loans. Reliance Power, beset by debt, has just recently paid back the Rs 1023 crore loan. Following this, investors now have more faith in their recovery strategy. This loan was given to Kalai Power and Reliance Cleangen, two of Reliance Power's subsidiaries. Reliance Power's stock is rising as a result of this.

This share dropped as low as Rs 9 in March of last year. But the stock is rising now that the loan repayment has been announced. The company's (Reliance Power Share) shares saw a gain of over 2 percent in the Thursday closing trading session, closing at Rs 28.23. Concerning the 52-week performance of the company, the highest level is Rs 33.10, while the lowest is Rs 9.14. The market value of Anil Ambani's company has grown in tandem with the increase in shares. It is now worth Rs 10,759 crore. Based on the rate of change, it appears that investors' faith in Anil Ambani's company has begun to resurface.

Source : DNA India