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Meet businessman set to launch mini 'IPL' in MP, belongs to royal family, lives in Rs 4000 crore house, his father is...

Mahanaryaman Scindia, son of well-known politician Jyotiraditya Scindia, chose the path of entrepreneurship instead of following his family's path. His agricultural startup, MyMandi, is gaining attention for its innovative approach to farming. Despite his royal lineage and inherited wealth, Mahanaryaman is forging his own legacy.

About the plans to launch Madhya Pradesh Premier League in next 2-3 months, he told PTI, "We are going to make a league in Madhya Pradesh. There will be 5 teams. We aim to connect business, cricket and public. We aim transition of players from village to national level. Players will be getting employment. They will also be getting remuneration for playing games. It will be broadcasted on television."

Talking about his vision and plans, he told PTI, "Our PM and CM are going to open many institutions including upskilling centres in the area. Bhutan prioritises Gross National Happiness over Gross Domestic Product. It is important to find time for the family and health. It is important."

Who is Mahanaryaman Scindia?

Coming from the esteemed Scindia dynasty, Mahanaryaman carries a rich heritage. Unlike his father, who is a prominent figure in Indian politics, Mahanaryaman chose to pursue something else. Following his education at Doon School and GAIL University, he gained experience at the Boston Consulting Group before diving into entrepreneurship.

The Scindia dynasty has a long history, dating back to their rule over Gwalior State in central India. Despite their political prominence, Mahanaryaman's focus lies in revolutionising agriculture through MyMandi. Launched in 2022, the startup has already made waves, generating significant revenue and operating in multiple cities.

MyMandi's business model revolves around bulk purchasing and distribution to push-cart vendors, aiming to modernise the agricultural sector.

Mahanaryaman's influence extends to sports as well, as he recently took on the role of Deputy Chairman of the Gwalior Division Cricket Association.

With his vision and determination, he is making a path in the startup world, showcasing the spirit of innovation and progress.

Source : DNA India