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DNA TV Show: Why Nepal wants restoration of Hindu nation status

India's neighbouring country Nepal can once again become a Hindu nation. By 2007, the only Hindu nation in the world had declared itself a secular country by changing its constitution. But now once again there is a demand to make Nepal a Hindu nation. There was a big demonstration in Nepal's capital Kathmandu regarding this demand. Now the question is, why Nepal wants to become a Hindu nation again?

This demonstration, demanding the declaration of Nepal as a Hindu nation, took place under Nepal's Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. They have two main demands -- the abolition of the republic and return of monarchy in Nepal and declaring Nepal as a Hindu nation again from a secular nation.

But why are these demands being raised in Nepal? To understand this you will have to turn the pages of Nepal's political history. In 1768, King Prithvi Narayan Shah declared Nepal the world's first Hindu nation. After this, Nepal was the only Hindu nation in the world for 239 years. In the year 2006, monarchy ended in Nepal and the Constitutional Assembly was formed.

Nepal was made a secular country in the interim constitution drafted by the Constituent Assembly in 2007, and about eight years later in 2015, Nepal was officially declared a secular state. Since then, the demand for return of monarchy and Hindu nation has been raised from time to time in Nepal. But no change was made in the Constitution of Nepal and now once again this demand has intensified, so now the question is why does Nepal have to become a Hindu nation with monarchy again?

Here monarchy and Hindu nation are two different demands. The first argument is that political instability has increased in Nepal due to the end of monarchy and implementation of multi-party democracy. After the end of monarchy, 13 governments have been formed in Nepal in 18 years.

Secondly, Nepal's political parties are immersed in corruption. Monarchy supporters are accusing Nepal's major parties of corruption and poor governance. Third, the economy has suffered damage in republican Nepal. During the monarchy, the youth unemployment rate in Nepal was 19.45 per cent in 2006, which increased to about 23 (22.75) per cent in 2021. This is why there is a demand to re-implement the monarchy system in Nepal.

Demand for a Hindu state in Nepal

According to intelligence reports, Muslim organizations in Nepal are involved in a conspiracy to settle Rohingya Muslims on the India-Nepal border. Rohingya Muslims, who entered Nepal from Bihar and Bengal of India, are camping in Nepal, calling themselves Hindus. Islamic organizations in Nepal are engaged in systematically settling the Muslim Rohingya population on both sides of the rivers of Nepal and India.

Source : DNA India