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Start respecting local languages: Telangana minister KTR's 'request' to IndiGo over seat row

Telangana Minister for IT and Industries KT Rama Rao requested IndiGo Airlines to start respecting local languages, providing a “win-win solution” in context of a row over a Telugu woman’s seat being changed by the airline.

KTR was responding to a tweet by a passenger, Devasmita Chakraverty, who is Assistant Professor of Education at IIM Ahmedabad, who had claimed that a woman was “forced” to shift her seat from the exit row because she understood only Telugu, not English/ Hindi. She reportedly failed to understand security procedures explained in English and Hindi.

“Indigo 6E 7297. Vijayawada (AP) to Hyderabad (Telangana), Sept 16-2022. The woman in green originally sitting in 2A (XL seat, exit row) was forced to seat 3C because she understood only Telugu, not English/Hindi. The attendant said it's a security issue.

Replying to the tweet, Rama Rao said, “Dear @IndiGo6E Management, I request you to start respecting local languages & passengers who may not be well conversant in English or Hindi. In regional routes, recruit more staff who can speak the local language like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada etc. This will be a win-win solution.”

In a statement issued on Sunday, IndiGo said it is an inclusive organisation that respects regional diversity and serves the nation without any bias or prejudice in all respects.

"We employ crew from all regions and they speak different languages that are an integral part of the diversity of our vast country. Our crew, as a standard operating procedure, makes announcements informing our customers of the languages the crew can speak and understand on that particular flight," the airline said.

It clarified that the passenger who sits on exit doors needs to be voluntarily able to operate the exit and to assist the crew in managing any unforeseen emergency situation.

Replying to another tweet regarding announcements only in Hindi and English which felt “alien” to a passenger who only knew Telugu, IndiGo said, “We understand that you would like our crew to speak in the local language when flying with us but it may happen at times, that our local language speaking crew are aligned on different routes due to operational requirements (1/2).”

“which is why we always ensure that the crew onboard can speak in Hindi & English as per the standard operating procedures. However, your feedback is valuable to us and will be shared with the concerned team. We look forward to your kind understanding~Vaishali (2/2),” the airline added.

Source : DNA India