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Padmasana sthithe devi Para brahma swaroopini Paramesi jagan matha Maha Lakshmi Namosthuthe! The awe-inspiring Mother Lakshmi Moorti against specially made backdrop Puja vidhi will

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Urfi Javed reacts after Chahatt Khanna says 'she isn't fit to be wife or mother'

Urfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna have engaged in the war of words on social media once again. In her latest Instagram post, Urfi Javed slammed Chahatt after she commented on her clothes and said she isn't fit to be a wife and mother.

After Urfi took a dig at Chahatt, the actress wrote, “Without knowing the facts and jumping on the news for publicity and making a fool of yourself. Brainless se kya argument karna, agar akal hoti toh kaam karti ya shoot karti na ki semi Nude spottings karti, chalo koi na aap toh aunty, biwi ya maa ke layak toh ho nahi, ab dusro ko hi aunty bolke khush ho jao (There’s no point in arguing with somone who is brainless. If only she had brain, she would have worked and not gone around doing semi nude spottings. It’s okay you cannot become an aunty, wife or even a mother. Stay happy by calling others aunty) #Javed.”

Urfi replied, “Word Semi nude per zara gaur farmaya jaaye! (Let’s look at the word semi nude).” She then shared a bunch of Chahatt’s photos where she is seen wearing a swimsuits of various kinds. Uorfi further shared videos of herself mentioning Chahatt and said, “Ye kitni aunty wali baat hai ki mai biwi aur maa banne layak nahin hu. Koi mujhse toh pucho yaar. Mereko banna hi nahi hai yaar kisi ki biwi, mujhe banna hi nhi hai maa (I don’t get this. I don’t even want to become a wife or mother).”

Urfi added, “I am very satisfied, aur Chahatt Ji aap bataiye. Aap toh do-do baar biwi ban chuki aapne kya ukhaad liya? (Since you married twice, you should tell me about your achievements).”

A few days ago, Urfi Javed and Chahatt got into a fight after the latter took to Instagram and mocked the former’s outfits and called it ‘vulgar.’ Urfi then mocked Chahatt’s personal life, ridiculed her two divorces, called her 'aunty', and ended up getting blocked by Khanna. The two made headlines for their ugly spat.

Urfi later reacted to the controversy and apologised to the actress. During a public appearance, Urfi stated, “I think I was wrong, I shouldn’t have commented on her two divorces. It’s very low of me. No matter what anyone says, I should keep my calm.” She added, “I should stand for what I believe in, puri duniyaa comment karti hai. It was wrong.”

Source : DNA India