'No more city of spirituality': Foreign tourists dressed in bikinis at Ganga ghats, video goes viral

A viral video of foreign tourists wearing bikinis and enjoying themselves at the Ganga Ghats in Rishikesh has ignited a heated debate on social media. The footage, showing tourists in swimsuits playing in the sacred Ganga River, has received mixed reactions from viewers.

The video was posted by a user named Himalayan Hindu with the caption, "Thanks to @pushkardhami for turning the holy Ganga into Goa Beach. This is what's happening in Rishikesh now, and soon it will become a mini Bangkok." The clip depicts foreign women in bikinis and men in shorts enjoying the river. Additionally, an older video was shared with the caption, "Rishikesh is no longer the city of religion, spirituality, and yoga. It has become Goa. Why are such rave parties/zombie culture being promoted in Rishikesh?"

The viral video has sparked controversy, with some users expressing anger and frustration. One comment read, "What kind of obscenity have you allowed in Uttarakhand in the name of tourism? Every ten steps there's a liquor shop, illegal businesses, marijuana, etc."

However, others defended the tourists, suggesting that the criticism was misplaced. One user commented, "There's nothing wrong here. If you have a problem with clothing, then there's an issue with your upbringing. Don't behave like an extremist who takes their spouse to the beach in a burqa or full clothing."

The video underscores the tension between traditional values and modern tourism, raising questions about the evolving identity of Rishikesh and how it will balance cultural heritage with contemporary influences.

Source : DNA India