Bengaluru man caught red-handed installing camera in women's washroom; police find 1,200 obscene clip on mobile

A student of a private college has been arrested for allegedly installing a camera in a ladies' restroom on Tuesday.

Police claim that the accused was captured in the act while fixing the camera.

Shubham M. Azad, a student in a private college in Bengaluru's Hosakerehalli neighbourhood, is the name of the detained student. According to investigators, Shubham, a fifth-year BBA student, installed a hidden camera in the women's restroom.

He had more than 2,000 recordings and images of the college females and his friends, according to preliminary investigations. Additionally, he is accused of capturing intimate and embarrassing images of his friends. (Also Read: Who is Ayesha, the girl in 'Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja' video that has gone viral)

Shubham was caught by the students when he was in the ladies' restroom trying to fix a secret camera. He managed to run away and escape when the girls raised an alarm, said Police.

After checking the CCTV footage, he got caught even though he managed to escape from the spot. According to the police, Shubham was a frequent offender who was arrested while filming girls in their homes. He then apologised, and the college administration absolved him.

This time, a complaint has been filed to the Girinagar police station by the college administration. Over 1,200 private films and pictures of the girls were discovered on his phone after it was seized by the police.

According to the investigation, the accused also has another mobile phone, which police have not yet found.

Police are further investigating the case.

Source : DNA India