5 nutritious breakfast options to kickstart your morning

Just like a light, nutritious and healthy dinner ensures that your digestive health is in good shape, similarly, a healthy and feeling breakfast has the potential to provide a great start to the day. It provides energy to your body to last throughout the day. Indian cuisine is not only full of delicious regional dishes but is also very popular in terms of nutritious and healthy dishes. From the popular upma, uttapam and idli of South India to the famous poha, paratha and chilla of North India, there are plenty of healthy Indian recipes that can make your mornings more fun than ever. Because even if you are short of time, you can prepare a filling tasty meal first thing in the morning in just a few minutes.

Here we have come up with 5 recipes which are not only delicious but also very easy to make and that too without any hassle.

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1. Poha- So, let's start with everyone's favorite Poha recipe. It is light to eat, feeling and easy to make. Poha is a popular breakfast which is eaten almost everywhere in the country. The best thing about it is that it can be made in many ways. Kanda Poha, Soya Poha, Indori Poha, and Nagpur Tehri Poha are some examples.

2. Moong Dal Chila- Mainly moong dal is widely used in many Indian dishes in Indian households. One such dish is Moong Dal Chilla. You can also add cottage cheese to this recipe to increase the nutrients and make it even more protein-rich.

3. Idli- Idli is light, nutritious and filling, hence it is a popular breakfast food to start the day. Pair the idlis with coconut chutney, and sambar - and you've got a delicious breakfast in no time. Click here for the recipe for Idli, Sambar and Coconut Chutney. Note: To save time, you can also make idli batter and sambar a day before breakfast.

4. Mix Veg Paratha- This Vegetable Paratha recipe will surely give you a balance of nutrition and taste! Pair it with curd, chutney or pickle and enjoy a nutritious breakfast in no time. View the recipe here.

5. Ugni- Uggani is also known as Vagni, Bugni or Burugula Upma and is one of the easiest things to make. To make healthy and tasty Uggani, you will need puffed rice, a bowl of water, roasted chana dal along with spicy spices. Mix it with buttermilk and filter coffee

Source : DNA India