Diabetes: How can high blood sugar levels impact your sex drive? How diabetes influences sexual health

Diabetes and high blood sugar levels can impact the body of the diseased person in many ways, having a major effect on one’s diet and metabolism. Not only this, but Type 2 diabetes can also have a major impact on the sexual health and sex drive of the person.

While there have been many studies about how diabetes can cause kidney diseases, heart diseases, and weight gain, most don’t know that it can also severely damage your sexual health. People who have diabetes often have a lower sex drive.

Sexual health is a major factor that gets impacted because of diabetes, however, this topic is often considered a taboo in most Indian households. Here is all you need to know about the impact of high blood sugar levels on your sex drive and sexual well-being.

The primary factor of diabetes and sexual health is that the person who has high blood sugar levels has a lower libido. This means that if one has diabetes, they have a lesser urge to have sex. Further, sexual satisfaction and pleasure levels are also low, according to Healthline.

The American Diabetes Association said that men who have diabetes often suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It can also hamper the flow of hormones and damage in nerves, which can cause hampering in sexual performance.

Meanwhile, women with diabetes often struggle with weight gain and imbalance in hormones, which leads to PCOS. This means that at times sex can be uncomfortable due to lower arousal and vaginal dryness, among other symptoms.

These factors are associated with high blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes but are also heightened at times due to the medication that the person might be on. In such cases, one should always be sure to consult their doctors.

Source : DNA India