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Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Date, time, rituals, significance

Vishwakarma is the god of creation. He is also known as the world's first architect and engineer who designed the world. Hence, Vishwakarma puja is done to seek his blessings in the workplace every year. This festival is celebrated every year on the last day of the Bhado month of the Hindu calendar.

This festival is celebrated in various parts of the country including-- Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Bengal, Odisha and Tripura. Apart from India, Vishwakarma Jayanti is also celebrated in Nepal.

Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Date and time

This year, Vishwakarma puja will be done on September 17 to commemorate Vishwakarma Jayanti. The Vishwakarma Puja sankranti muhurat will be fall at 1:43 pm on September 17 in 2023.

Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Significance

This celebration is held primarily in factories, shops and industries. In some parts of India, the day after Diwali is also observed as 'Vishwakarma Day' and people worship the tools.

Vishwakarma Puja 2023: Rituals

Clean and decorate the workplace.
Place an idol or image of Vishwakarma in the centre of the workspace.
Artisans and workers gather around the idol to offer prayers to Lord Vishwakarma as the priest chants hymns and mantras.
Offer flowers, fruits, sweets, and other things to Lord Vishwakarma.
Do the aarti.

Source : DNA India