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Meet Virat Kohli’s business partner who built Rs 180 crore firm, competing with Tata’s Starbucks, Nescafe, CCD

Virat Kohli, apart from being a successful cricketer is also a businessman who has been investing in multiple startups, turning their small businesses into a big success. One of the most successful business partners of Virat Kohli is Bharat Sethi, who is the CEO of Rage Coffee.

Bharat Sethi is the founder and CEO of Rage Coffee, a made-in-India coffee brand which is now giving tough competition other leading coffee manufacturers such as Nescafe, Bru, and Tata Group-owned Starbucks, which is a leading brand in India.

Bharat Sethi started his journey as an entrepreneur with his first venture Poster Gully, which was an online platform selling posters of popular artists and singers. He worked as the founder and CEO of the fast-growing company and later went to Cornell University to get a specialized economics degree.

After investing in several food and beverage companies, he started his own company, his brainchild Rage Coffee. With a wide variety of flavours and unique packaging and branding, Rage Coffee soon gained prominence across India.

Rage Coffee is present in over 2500 stores across India, and raised over USD 5 million funding in 2021. Soon, the growing venture caught cricketer Virat Kohli’s eye and he invested an undisclosed amount in the company, taking it to a new level of success.

Virat Kohli further signed on as the brand ambassador of Rage Coffee, and Bharat Sethi’s company is now aiming to have a revenue of Rs 92 crore in the financial year 2023-24. The overall market cap of Rage Coffee, according to Tofler is Rs 180 crore.

Now, Rage Coffee has emerged as a top retail brand in the world of coffee, selling at a cheaper price than Starbucks coffee and giving tough competition to Indian brands such as Bru and Café Coffee Day.

Source : DNA India