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DNA TV Show: Will Canada be the new Pakistan for Indian government? Khalistan row sparks rivalry

Canada has put its hand in a fire in which it is bound to burn. There are only two countries supporting Khalistani terrorists in the whole world, one is Pakistan and the other is Canada. There is no need to tell anyone how Pakistan's image is in the whole world. Now Canada has stood in support of Khalistani terrorists.

That's why the mask is also coming out of Justin Trudeau's face. We understand the political compulsions of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But this political compulsion of Justin Trudeau is starting to create trouble for him. In fact, India is no longer the India of the past, in which developed countries used to put pressure, and India used to bear their pressure.

This is a new India, which is not afraid of any country. He understands diplomatic tricks better. Today's India not only understands world diplomacy, but it knows how to respond to diplomatic moves only through diplomatic moves.

The stand taken by the Canadian government in the case of Khalistan and the allegations made on India. The Government of India is angry with it. Now there are fierce diplomatic attacks on Canada.

First, India asked the senior Canadian ambassador to go back. Then, seeing the situation in Canada, he issued a warning to his citizens living there. After that, India has stopped issuing visas to Canadian citizens for the time being. Now the news is that India has instructed to reduce the number of people in the Canadian embassy.

Not only this, the situation in Canada shows that the Indian community living there is in danger. Khalistani supporters have announced an anti-India rally, due to which it is feared that there may be violence in this rally.

The target of this violence will be those Indians who do not support Khalistani ideology. Not only had this, but Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the head of Khalistani terrorist organization Sikh for Justice, also threatened Indo-Canadians to return to India.

Understanding the seriousness of the threat of Khalistani terrorists, India had issued an advisory for its people. India fears that Khalistani terrorists may come to India wearing the cloak of being Canadian citizens. Therefore, India has stopped issuing visas to Canadian citizens for the time being.

This is mimicking the age-old hostilities between India and Pakistan, with suspended visas and high scrutiny of tourists. Experts believe that the current tensions between India and Canada can give rise to similar hostilities that the country has with Pakistan.

Source : DNA India