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Explained: What is the cost of crafting Cricket World Cup trophy? What is it made of? Know all details here

There is more to the ICC World Cup than just the intense on-field competitions that enthral millions of fans worldwide. It's also about the coveted trophy, which stands for the pinnacle of cricket success. All attention is focused on the ICC trophy, which the champions will raise following the finals on November 19. The ICC ODI Cricket World Cup Trophy is the ultimate symbol of cricket and its achievement and brilliance.

Let's examine the intricacies of the renowned ICC World Cup trophy, an emblem of brilliance that knows no bounds.

The ICC World Cup trophy is a work of art that perfectly captures the essence of cricket, not just a piece of silver and gold. This design, crafted in 1999, completely changed the idea of a traditional trophy for every iteration. It began to represent consistency and oneness within the cricket community. Earlier, custom trophies were crafted for each edition of the World Cup.

Who designed the Cricket World Cup trophy?
Paul Marsden of Garrard & Co. designed the trophy, which was painstakingly made over the course of two months in London by a team of artisans. The trophy is currently made by Otte Will Silversmiths in Ashford.

What is the design of the Cricket World Cup trophy and what is it made of?
The centrepiece of the trophy is a golden globe that is embellished with bells, three silver stamps, and a stumped wicket. The globe, which symbolizes our planet, is encircled by bells and stamps made of silver, displaying exquisite craftsmanship. The stumped wicket, which captures the exhilarating moments when bowlers overcome batsmen, represents the spirit of cricket.

The trophy's base, which features inscriptions highlighting the year and the winning nation of each World Cup, acts as a historical record of cricket. As of right now, eleven such inscriptions exist, all bearing witness to the incredible events recorded in cricket history. Furthermore, as the ICC World Cup's legacy develops, there is still room for more.

What is the height and weight of Cricket World Cup trophy?
The trophy's outstanding 11 kg overall weight and 60 cm in height attests to its significant role on the main stage of international cricket.

How much is the cost of crafting a Cricket World Cup trophy?
It costs money to create a prize this prestigious. The ICC World Cup trophy costs about 30,000 US dollars (Rs 25 lakh approx) to make. The amount invested indicates how much importance is put on producing a trophy that serves as a symbol of cricket success.

Do countries keep the trophy?
The International Cricket Council (ICC) is still in possession of the original trophy, and the winning team receives a permanent duplicate that is identically similar except for the inscriptions. This modification in 1999 signalled a major advancement in the Cricket World Cup's history.

Source : DNA India