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Watch: Arijit Singh sings unreleased song In Raahon Mein from The Archies during live concert, video goes viral

At a recent concert in Abu Dhabi, singer Arijit Singh sang an unreleased song from the upcoming movie The Archies, videos and photos from his concert are now going viral on social media.

Sharing the video, one of his fans on Twitter wrote, "#ArijitSingh sang his forthcoming song In Raahon Mein Live at his Abu Dhabi Concert, prior to its formal Release! #TheArchies." In the clip, he can be heard saying, "By the way, this has not released. This is the first time I'm singing this on stage." He then starts singing the song.

For the unversed, Zoya Akhtar is currently awaiting the release of her upcoming movie The Archies. The film is inspired by a comic with the same name. The filmmaker recently opened up on having second thoughts about casting Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor in the film.

In a recent conversation with India Today, Zoya Akhtar revealed that she had second thoughts about casting star kids in the movie, however, she felt it’s ‘weird to not cast someone because their parents are famous’. She said, “The thought did occur to me, but then I thought I should not think like that because they are the best for the part and I should do that, and if someone has to do something, they will do it. If people like their work, they will like it.”

She added, “But when I looked at them and the auditions, they looked promising for the three roles. So, it would be very weird if I did not cast them. It is weird to not cast someone because they are not famous, but it is equally weird to not cast someone because their parents are famous. I mean you have to just go with merit. Of course, I thought about it, but you cannot deny that they are the best for the roles. I care about my film at the end of the day.”

Zoya Akhtar also opened up if she faced the pressure of people’s expectations of the debutants in the movie and said, “You cannot. People that are going to like it will like it, those who will hate will hate it and those who have already decided to love it will love it. All you can control is what you are doing, and make it the best, and if your film has honesty, people will find reasons to like it.”

Source : DNA India