Musician Fahmil talks about his musical journey and what helped him to reach where he is today!

We may do whatever we want to do in life but listening to our heart and following our passion is an integral part of our soul and our purpose to live. We recently spoke to one such artist, Fahmil, who is an engineer but also followed his passion and is doing great as a musician.

Fahmil spoke about his musical journey right from its inception, He says, "My journey from an electronic engineer to a self-taught musician has been an eventful and memorable adventure so far. Like all typical Asian backgrounds, the focus has been on academia that eventually should lead you to a profession backed by Science. In my case, it was engineering which I pursued to the best of my ability. Following the norms of society, I worked as an electronic engineer and somehow always felt a void. From casual strumming of the guitar, I felt driven to learn the instrument backed by YouTube tutorials. A bunch of friends would casually hang out in various caf├ęs for jam sessions and that seemed to attract an audience. Thus began my journey fuelled by passion"

Fahmil also spoke about what helped him in the journey. The musician said "Gradually I realised that this is what my purpose was and even though the rest of my friends approached it casually, it became a serious ambition for me and that is when the transition happened. Three years of passion, hard work, resilience and undaunted support have got me to the platform I am on today.

It was a gradual process of evolution, defying norms of society with upheavals now and again

but I never looked back. The college I studied engineering at has now become a part of my audience as I was allowed to perform as an artist for the founders. I believe you will always be where you are supposed to be in life".

Furthermore, Fahmil shares how pandemic played a crucial role in his music journey. He added "Anything that one is passionate about will yield results that may seem small and insignificant at

first but fruitful in the long run. Life is about constantly learning and age is but a number. It's never too late to change paths. People believe that artists should have a backup plan in case things don't pan out the way they want them to but the recent pandemic is a testament that every profession has suffered in some way or the other. I have been blessed to have this time to my advantage by reaching out to a wider network globally purely through my profession as an artist something I would not accomplish as an electronic engineer!"

Lastly, here's what Fahmil wants to say to the people who give up on their dreams in middle. He says, "The message I want to share is to never give up on your dreams because at the end of the day what the heart wants will come across far more authentic and appealing and will defy logic provided one work diligently and honestly. There are no shortcuts along the way and no room for regret. Onwards and upwards all the way".

Source : DNA India