SarpaMitra Akash Jadhav has a special message for everyone

The Animal-rescue Activist Is The Face Behind Saving Animals From More Than 300 Species. If one talks about his qualifications, it is not much to impress but his wisdom is nowhere less than a well-qualified person. Akash Jadhav, fondly called “Sarpa-mitra’ is an animal-rescue activist who has helped save thousands of snakes, animals, and birds from being killed. What’s more interesting is that Akash school dropout is also a content creator who is spreading awareness about snakes and first-aid for snake-bites.

Akash did not leave education out of willingness or lack of interest in studies but poverty pushed him to do so. He had to leave education after class 7th as his family could not afford it anymore. But the struggles had made him mature before normal age. He decided to earn and support his family financially. Akash was passionate about wildlife and wild creatures at that age too. One of his relatives, Sunil Bhambal was an animal rescue activist. Akash contacted him, and Sunil called him to learn snake rescue, which became the turning point of his life.

Akash learned from Sunil Bhambal for almost a year and became a master of the art of snake-rescuing. He returned to his hometown Ahmed Nagar, a town covered with large farmlands, wells, and other water bodies. Akash started his work independently here. He was so good at his art that very soon he started getting multiple calls in a day. As catching a snake or a wild animal is a tricky task that could take from a few minutes to even 8-9 hours it became difficult to attend to all the calls. Then he created a team of 7 other rescue activists to work with him.

Akash was aware that there are lots of superstitions prevalent around snakes and snake bites not only in rural areas but educated people believe in them too. People will visit a tantric instead of doctors in case of snake bites which many times lead to loss of life. These superstitions also were the reason behind the killing of many snakes. Aksh decided to spread awareness about it, he bought a projector and started showing informative videos about snakes and snake bites to people in Ahmed Nagar. But Ahmed Nagar wasn’t the only area where these misconceptions prevailed; they were everywhere, so he decided to open a Facebook page and started uploading videos about it.

His Facebook page soon became popular but it was difficult to post lengthy videos there so he started putting them on his YouTube channel named ‘Sarpa- Mitra Akash Jadhav’. His channel has more than 40 lakh subscribers. Akash says “ I am not much educated but still understand that these animals (snakes) also deserve to live safely. I want to send a message to everyone, that we are in the 21st century, let's come out from these misconceptions, let us be more realistic and more humane to not kill these animals unnecessarily. Also in case of snake-bites rush to the doctor instead of Tantric, this could save a life in the correct time.”

Akash Jadhav is a live example of the fact that it is not the formal education that makes you wiser, it's the dedication to excel and hard work which eventually pays off.

Source : DNA India