Article 15 (Hindi Movie)
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Synopsis: Article 15 is set in a tehsil called Lalgoan, somewhere in Uttar Pradesh (India). This is a story of an IPS officer, Ayan Ranjan and his fight against ‘India’s caste

'Call of Juarez: Gunslinger' makes unexpected 'Red Dead Redemption' video

Oct 10 (AZINS) Wily Wild West hero Silas Greaves is on the comeback trail, a surprise "Call of Juarez" tease implies, but can we be sure it's coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? October is a big month for video games, and this year there's one game bigger than the rest -- Wild West epic "Red Dead Redemption 2."

Its commercial impact is expected to be so great that usual annual action game juggernaut "Call of Duty" has already shifted from its standard seat, lest game fans' wallets be empty by the time "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" arrives. By comparison, the modest "Call of Juarez" is in danger of fading from memory, five years since the franchise's release, and yet here it is, sidling up alongside "Red Dead" and speaking directly to its leading man.

"The Old West is full of legends. And you, Arthur Morgan, soon will be one of the greatest I'm sure," intones an unseen wanderer in this half-minute clip from Techland Games.

"Legends, you know, they never die. They change and come back stronger than ever." Released in 2013, action game "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger" took the Wild West setting and dead-eye shooting of its predecessors, polished up their visual appeal, and added a dash of storytelling flair courtesy of a personable yet unreliable narrator.

Greaves, the game's fictional lead, was a legendary bounty hunter in his day, claiming the lives of a number of well-known bandits -- Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, even Jesse James -- all in service of a years-long mission to avenge his own family's murder.

But his tall stories beggared belief and players, on occasion, could see plot details change before their very eyes as his recollections gained or lost focus. Developed by Techland and published through Ubisoft, Techland finally gained ownership of the whole four-game franchise in April 2018.

"We'll continue the great efforts of Ubisoft and support the fans of the 'Call of Juarez' universe in the same dutiful and passionate way," Techland had said at the time, with more information promised in the future.

Though still on sale for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One, "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger" is not yet available on modern consoles. So perhaps a re-release is on its way, while an eventual sequel, given Techland's recent acquisition, can't be ruled out either. Yet strangely, images from the Arthur Morgan video appear on a par with or, in the landscape shots that begin and end the tease, marginally less detailed than their equivalents from a 2013 teaser for the original game.

This prompts speculation that Greaves may be pulling off another surprise twist, heading not to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, where "Red Dead Redemption 2" lands, but perhaps a less powerful platform instead.