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Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff fight on largest ice-breaker ship in Arctic

After a deadly bike chase on Portugal’s highest peak and bringing its city Porto to a halt, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff have filmed another high-octane sequence for their upcoming movie, War. The two heroes shot on the largest cargo ice-breaker ship that plies in the Arctic Circle. A source tells us that it’s the biggest action scene to have been filmed on ice in the polar region. “In the sequence, Hrithik and Tiger look to beat each other in a jaw-dropping fight on an ice-breaker ship,” says the insider, adding that the vessel is 300-feet long and can break through frost that’s about 10-feet deep. “The production crew had to wait for five months before they could get the permission to film on this ship,” the source reveals.

Director Siddharth Anand confirms, “War has been mounted hugely to give audiences a film that’s the biggest in terms of action spectacle. Yes, it took months but we managed to secure the permission to shoot on a massive ice-breaking ship and filmed a visually-stunning action sequence with Hrithik and Tiger. I hope viewers love what we have shot!”

The filmmaker adds that six year ago, his wife Mamta shot a video of a ship ploughing through the ice in Arctic. “When she showed me this clip, I was awestruck. I knew instantly that one day I would shoot this magnificent visual for one of my films and I’m delighted that this idea worked out for War because when you have two big superstars of our generation in an action movie, you want to give them and audiences the best spectacle one has ever seen,” Siddharth states. This sequence is part of the fight scenes shot on land, water, ice and air.