The Sky Is Pink (Hindi Movie)
Hindi Movie
The Sky is Pink is the incredible love story of a couple spanning 25 years, told through the lens of their teenage daughter. She is sassy, sardonic, spunky and also…dead! A fact

Diwali Celebrations | AZ Rajput 3rd Diwali Celebration-Open to All
Please join us to celebrate festival of lights-Enjoy an evening of fun, food, entertainment & firework. Tentative schedule of events is as follow. Laxchhami Puja, National

GCA Diwali Dinner & Bollywood Night
Socializing / Appetizer followed by Dinner Dress Code: Indian Traditional (Suggested) Contact: Bhushan Parikh (623-217-8007) or Nilesh Modi(480-231-5556) for table/seat assignment

Pooram - A Comedy Dance Musical Show
Opportunity to dance with popular Indian cine stars ! Looking for Bollywood or Classical dance trained girls age (15 to 23) for performing on our mega show on Date & Time

Mahima 2019
You request the song Let the magic happen Sit back & enjoy the medley (after the intermission) A maestro on an ancient instrument takes on movie songs and makes the stage come

Deepavali Sambaralu | Telugu Association
* Fire Works * Stage Drama by Adults * Cultural activities by local talent * Drawing / Costume Competition for kids * Family Fun Event * Telugu traditional dinner * Indian Dresses

Diwali Celebrations | SW Rajputs
All proceedings will go towards supporting the Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur as well as educational support for children from low-income families

This malware affects 4,700 Windows systems each day

Security researchers have discovered a new malware that infected 90,000 machines worldwide during the month of August. Called Smominru malware, it has an infection rate of up to 4,700 computers per day. Here is everything you need to know about the malware.

Smominru malware detailed

In its post-infection phase, the malware steals victim credentials. It also installs a Trojan module and a cryptominer. The Smominru malware also propagates inside the network, according to researchers from Guardicore, a data centre and cloud security company.

  • The malware called Smominru, steals victim credentials     
  • The malware also installs a Trojan module and a cryptominer   
  • China, Taiwan, the US, Russia and Brazil have seen the most attacks
The botnet uses several methods to propagate. But primarily it infects a system in one of two ways – either by brute-forcing weak credentials for different Windows services. Or more commonly by relying on the infamous EternalBlue exploit, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said in a blog post.

Countries affected with the malware
Microsoft patched the vulnerability EternalBlue exploits that made the WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks possible. However, many companies are simply ignoring updates, Kaspersky said. China, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil and the US have seen the most attacks. But, that doesn’t mean other countries are out of its scope. For example, the largest network Smominru targeted was in Italy, with 65 hosts infected.

The criminals involved are not too particular about their targets, which range from universities to healthcare providers. However, one detail is very consistent. About 85 percent of infections occur on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 systems. The rest include Windows Server 2012, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

What damage does the malware do
After compromising the system, Smominru creates a new user, called admin$, with admin privileges on the system and starts to download a whole bunch of malicious payloads. The most obvious objective is to silently use infected computers for mining cryptocurrency (namely, Monero) at the victim’s expense.

The malware also downloads a set of modules used for spying, data exfiltration, and credential theft. On top of that, once Smominru gains a foothold, it tries to propagate further within network to infect as many systems as possible.