'The Beatles' rockstar Cy Tucker dies from coronavirus at 76

The Liverpool Echo reported that 'The Beatles' former singer Cy Tucker died on Monday after being tested positive for coronavirus. Tucker, who started feeling the symptoms of the virus a week ago, breathed his last at the Royal Liverpool Hospital on Monday, reported dailymail.co.uk.

Confirming Tucker's death, his family told the portal, "As a family we are devastated at the sudden loss of our husband, father-in-law, granddad, brother and friend who touched so many lives through music. To the city of Liverpool he was Cy Tucker, but to us he was our world. He forever doted on his family, especially his wife, children and grandchildren, who he always showered with affection..."

They added, "Despite the pain and sadness, we have been comforted by the endless amount of messages we have received from those who watched him perform in many of Liverpool's pubs and clubs for over 60 years. Performing on stage, be it big or small, was his great passion and he would never be afraid to get up and sing, even on family holidays."

Tucker was considered to be at high risk since he had conditions of diabetes and heart problems previously. He is believed to be the first person in Liverpool to die of COVID-19. After his stint with 'The Beatles', Tucker performed in clubs and played gigs around Liverpool. He famously joined 'The Beatles' in the 60s and played with band Earl Preston and the TTs.