'Focusing on positives gave us strength': Purab Kohli on his family's struggle & recovery from novel coronavirus

Rock On actor Purab Kohli yesterday had a piece of shocking news to share with his fans when he revealed that he and his family including his wife, Lucy, daughter Inaya, and son Osian were all "down with COVID-19". 

His elaborate post on social media was both informative and heartwarming and now, in an interview, Purab said that the idea to share their experience was to help people fight the crisis in a panic-free way.

Talking about the emotional struggle while battling the deadly coronavirus, he said, "While I wasn’t taking it seriously, Lucy was worried. Once panic sets in easily, it’s not easy to handle. So we decided to slow down and take it easy. As I said, we kept the phone away as that was a big distraction. We focused on ourselves. We keep ourselves hydrated with water, lots of juices, got our vitamin and mineral intakes right. Keeping our minds clear, focusing on positives gave us strength. We’ve also started doing light exercise. You must give yourself time to recover and rest, rest and rest."

Purab further talked about what precautions they have been taking now that the quarantine period is over, " We are still in isolation. There’s a group in every neighbourhood here, and the idea is to help those in need and those who can’t step out given the ailment. They helped us with veggies and other basic amenities. Now that I’m doing better, I’ve also started doing the same. The situation all over the world is vulnerable and we all know that the virus is rampant in Europe... In London, anybody and everybody might have it and therefore, the situation is a bit crazy here. The government and medical workers, police… are doing their best. And we all are doing everything following proper social distancing norms."