Agust D's D-2 'Daechwita' music video: Min Yoon-gi aka BTS' Suga shows his raw alter ego and it's visual delight

Min Yoon-gi aka BTS' Suga aka Agust D has released his much awaited single titled 'D-2'. The music video is shot on a large scale with fans seeing the alter ego of Yoon-gi as Agust D. An interesting fact is that, Suga if reversed we get Agus and TD is regarding his hometown Daegu, a city in South Korea. 'D-2' the song puts forth the incredible rapping skills of Agust D and it's a treat, indeed!

The repeated word in the song is 'Daechwita' which defines 'Korean traditional music consisting of military music played by the wind and percussion instruments, generally performed while marching. Instruments used include nabal, nagak, and taepyeongso, with jing, jabara, and yonggo'. The music video will give instant chills to the fans as it's a visual delight and something which fans waited patiently for quite some time.

'D-2' music video is directed by Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens) and the video is about four-minute 28 seconds. 

In a statement, Min Yoon-gi spoke about Agust D by saying, "Regardless of who I am, whether it be SUGA or Agust D, I’ll keep moving towards the essence of life. Despite everything going on in the world, Agust D... is specific about the energy he wants to put out into the world. Serenity, he says."

He concluded by saying, "In general, I have loosened up and it's not a bad feeling."