Superfoods that will boost your immunity, help you stay healthy amid COVID-19

The second wave of COVID-19 has left us with no choice but to watch our steps and not tread on waters that can bring down our immunity at any cost. It has become essential to provide our body with food that can enhance our immune system to fight against the pathogens if they happen to enter the body.

Besides regular exercise and avoiding consumption of alcohol and tobacco, one can consume food that can help our body become less susceptible to falling sick.

Here is the list of superfoods


The scientific name for ginger is Zingiber officinale. Widely used in Indian kitchens to alleviate upset stomach, ginger has properties to relieve muscular and joint pains. It is an excellent remedy for the common cold and flu. One can consume it in a ginger-tulsi decoction, with black pepper and honey. It is known to soothe menstrual cramps similar to Advil (ibuprofen).


The scientific name for garlic is Allium sativum. Apart from adding flavour to a number of dishes, garlic is classified as an immune booster. Rubbing garlic oil is known to soothe muscular and joint pains. It is also to keep in mind that it should be raw or cooked garlic and not supplements.

Goji Berries

The scientific name for Goji Berries is Lycium barbarum. It has high levels of antioxidants which protects your body against free radicals. They are super rich in copper, iron, selenium, and zinc. They can be enjoyed raw, in smoothies, cereals or in a cup of Goji berries tea.

Chia seeds

The scientific name for Chia is Salvia hispanica. They were a staple in the diet of Aztecs and Mayan. Chia in Myan means strength. They are rich in protein, fibre and omega-3s which help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. The calcium content in them is at an impressive 18% which is excellent for good bone health. It can be soaked in milk and oats overnight to consume as a breakfast or could be sprinkled over salads and smoothies.


The scientific name for cinnamon is Cinnamomum Verum. It has long been used as a remedy for heartburn, indigestion, and nausea. It helps in lung congestion issues by clearing up mucus and helps in proper air circulation. It keeps the blood glucose level in check and is beneficial for people with diabetes mellitus.

Source : DNA India