'Mum single-handedly brought us up': When Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke about Babita raising Karisma Kapoor and her

It's a known fact that Randhir Kapoor and Babita got separated but never divorced each other. The estranged couple who is on cordial terms right now has two children Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan who are actors like them. We came across a 2007 interview of Bebo wherein she spoke about how Babita 'single-handedly' raised Lolo and her after separating from Randhir.

Kareena told Mumbai Mirror, "Mum was always doing something, she single-handedly brought us up. She has a real estate business apart from other small businesses. It was tough. Though my father is also an important factor in my life."

The actor further said, "We were left alone to fend for ourselves. But now we see more of our father, though we did not see him often in our initial years. We are a family now."

Earlier during an interaction with MojoStory when Kareena was asked about her current equation with her parents, she had said, "Yes, my mother is my best friend but I adore my father because I respect and love him a lot. He is in a strange way not very in your face because he is somebody who's always also chosen to be at the back. He's not somebody who is commanding the attention and wants that. He's silently always there for us and I know it."

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Kareena added, "I mean my parents have a lovely relationship because sometimes two people realise that their lives aren't exactly going the way they planned so, it's better you know we kind of don't stay together but we can still like you know be friends and stay in touch and still take decisions sometimes about the kids."

Source : DNA India