A healthy lifestyle leads to that elusive feel-good disposition and to maintain your wellness you gotta do what is right for your body. Among the ‘right’ things, the foremost is a regular and thorough health checkup. Bassi Clinic gives you that quality comprehensive care - ranging from prevention, treatment to cure. Read More
January 28
At Vogel Prep Educational Services you are carved out as the most suitable and brightest student that any school/college is too enthusiastic to admit you in their curriculum. Read More
January 27
India Republic Day Celebration tonight from 8 PM. Dozens of participants will give short speeches and sing patriotic songs. Do make this event a success by logging here:
Meeting ID: 884 0140 6932
Password: 444234.
January 26
The new variant #Omicron is spreading like wildfire because it is highly transmissible. The only silver lining is IF you are VACCINATED, the symptoms are usually mild and recovery is faster. As #Coronavirus is constantly mutating, you need a booster dose to have more antibodies in your body to fight the new variants. Read More
January 25
No matter what movie song comes to your mind, you end up tapping your feet to it unconsciously. Time to express yourself, the dancer in you needs to come out this year. Join Kriti Dance classes every Sunday between 10 to 11:30 AM and become your life’s real hero/heroine who is able to dance at the drop of a hat. Read More
January 24
Just like you take your car for periodical servicing no matter how good a driver you are, similarly your teeth and gums need the expert observation by a dentist for any snag or just for regular tuning and mending the daily wear and tear. To have the best dental services, AZfamilyDentist is the right place to visit for a comprehensive treatment. Read More
January 23
OrangeTommy #Chandler is now open which means #comfort, #convenience and #contentment has reached Chandler too. The #onestopstore which is proud to consist everything on your to-buy list plus their kitchen which has every food that suits your mood. Read More
January 22
When you work with certain top class realtors of the state like Ameet Nainani , as his client you end up feeling that the realtor’s fee does not justify the exceptional services rendered by him. Yes, one thing you can and should do is write positive reviews so that others too can take advantage of this efficient realtor. Read More
January 21
In the times of Covid pandemic, of the whole world only people in the Indian continent have shown maximum immunity and resistance to this virus. This is because of the kind of food Indians eat. Even living in Arizona you can ensure that you have quality Indian food and for that @biryanipotphoenix is the most chosen destination. Read More
January 20
At Vogel Prep Educational Services you learn how to write perfect admission-winning essays. Also know that here you will be provided in-person learning and can also opt for Zoom learning if you stay far away or are concerned about COVID situations. Read More
January 19
Cinephiles are going to have the most enjoyable week ahead with the Chandler International Film Festival 2022 being organized at the Chandler Center For The Arts from January 18 till Sunday January 23. On the first day of the film festival at Red Carpet fans will have a surprise movie screening. Say Yes to this movie hungama. Read More
January 18
At the Arizona Telugu Association’s Sankranthi Sambharalu there are some attractions like the classical Indian games of lemon & spoon, musical chair, Teeni Koti, etc. So set the flavor of the festival right with the games played together with loved ones. A visit to Crossroadspark will set the mood for the day of January 23 and its only going to get bigger and better by the time the day ends. Read More
January 17
A Chinese proverb says, “Preserve the old but know the new.” This is what you observe when you visit Inchin’s Bamboo Garden Scottsdale. You get to taste the oldest and authentic cuisine of India and China and also savor the new (and constantly experimented) fusion food (a.k.a. Indo-Chinese cuisine). Read More
January 16
Most exclusive jewelry brought to you by Shriyeras Jewels. If you are wondering why Jewelry, well because roses die and chocolates go straight to the hips. Adorn yourself because its jewelry that highlights your personality. Read More
January 15
Whether you are an owner or a tenant, you are bolstered with all realty knowhow and support you require to buy, sell or rent a property. Krishna Narla @lotusmortgage is the ultimate destination when it comes to finding answers to all your property sales, management, etc. Read More
January 15
Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona invites all to celebrate Vaikuntha Ekadashi on January 13. Celebrated in the month of Margashirsha, this day is so powerful that the fasting individual is redeemed of all his/her sins. Read More
January 13
Whether you are an owner or a tenant, you are bolstered with all realty knowhow and support you require to buy, sell or rent a property. Krishna Narla @lotusmortgage is the ultimate destination when it comes to finding answers to all your property sales, management, etc. Read More
January 12
Fantastic, Enjoyable, Delicious, Satisfying, Lipsmacking, Awesome... there is no limit of words that describe Biryani... just like there is no end of Biryani varieties when you check out the menu at Biryani pot - Phoenix
January 11
Since ages, the most acceptable attire for women which has been the most trendy, most stylish and a constant fashion trend has been the one and only Saree. No matter what culture, caste, community and religion you belong, as a woman your true beauty is expressed when you adorn the saree Read More
January 9
Cherish some wonderful wok cooked ChIndi recipes Inchin's Bamboo Garden - Scottsdale from some of the best chefs in the town known for their Pan Asian cooking. New year should be celebrated with good food and when it comes to great food, Inchin's Bamboo Garden - Scottsdale is what you go for. Read More
January 8
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