Hushaaru (Telugu Movie)
Telugu Movie
It is the story of four friends from middle-class families who believe in carving a niche for themselves by not following a trodden path set by others. However, their liberal

Punjab to Pondy | New Year Celebrations
You heard it right. One ticket* can buy you a multitude of happiness in the form of food, drinks** (jee haan! You can choose from Premium Top Shelf drinks, Party Flavors, etc.),

Who does not like discounts for Punjab To Pondy New Year celebrations $100 Couple, $60 per Adults. Here you’ve got discounts when you go to buy happiness! And you’ve heard it right. IACRF is gifting you happiness at a discounted price till December 15. Tickets  Social Media Event Updates
December 12
Do you want to be part of a Divine cause ? Then do not miss this holy opportunity - The Fundraising campaign and Dollar for Dollar Match contributions are ongoing for our New Shirdi Saibaba Temple Construction. Your generous donations made during Dec10th to Dec 31st, timeframe will have double the impact and also can qualify you for benefits based on our Sponsorship Options available.Details
December 10
Special sunday kirtan Guru Nanak Dwara is blessed with the continued kirtan seva of resident Ragi Jatha Bhai Satvinder Singh & Bhai Harvinder Singh who are known throughout the world for their harmonious kirtan. Please do not miss the opportunity to bask in the light of this devotion today 11:45 - 12:45pm.
December 9
Arizona Malayalees Annual Christmas & New year celebrations on Dec 29th. Family times in spirit of joy and wonder that is the holiday season. Details
December 7
December AZIndia Times has a lot of interesting reads be it about Local events, or about unknown facts about birds and where they go to die (Pg 1, 22), or about interesting movies you ought to watch this month (Pg 6, 7) Plus the usual columns but with stimulating info. Epaper Read it
December 3
108 women will come together at the SVK Udupi Temple today at 6:30 PM to chant Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam and perform Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Kumkuma Archana. This ceremony will conclude with Maha Mangalarathi and Deepa Pooja. Details
November 30
A promise made in Satya Yuga by Lord Rama to the spirit of Sita will come true in this yuga once again when we mortal beings will witness the divine Padmavati Parinayam on On December 1. A grand wedding invitation for you all at Ektamandir. Info
November 27
If you wish to witness the Happy Ending of Thanksgiving then grab your best dish/es and rush to AZGoshala and join Thanksgiving Potluck. Don’t forget fresh greens and fruits for your special hosts, the 7 residents. Have the most satvik pure vegetarian lunch with family, friends and acquaintances. Be the reason for the happiness. Details
November 24
An exciting New Year party celebrations is going to be announced pretty soon, this party has Masti Music Khaana, 25% early bird pricing and much more...mazaa. First time ever, so OK Sound Horn please...
November 23
As nature wraps us in a blanket of chill let us wrap our homeless friends in the blanket of warmth and comfort and give a thumbs down to nature’s hostile plan of a frozen season ahead. Blanket donation drive needs your support.. Dropofflocations
November 22
Tulsi weds Saligram. Another wedding invitation waiting for you this week on 22nd November. The Tulsi of your aangan will get married in full honor with the Vishnu avatar known as Saligram at Hare Krishna Temple. The ceremony begins at 4 PM. Info
November 20
One of the most auspicious period is Karthik Purnima which calls for Satyanarayana Puja, a religious ceremony to appease Lord Vishnu in His most compassionate avatar - Lord Satyanarayana. Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona has organised Satyanarayana Vratam on Sunday 18. Details
November 18
Music is the language God speaks through us. His presence can be felt in nature and everything around it. In the light of Sangeethshri school of musice students have learnt to love music and devote time and energy in seeking unity in chaos. Get to know them more..Info
November 16
To reach the zenith from where Indian Classical Music will again be resplendent with its ancient glory, Phoenix Gharana has gone another step forward by introducing learning classes for aspiring performing musicians. Enrol yourself today and participate in the bandwagon carrying on this melodious Indian tradition. Info
November 15
For the first time, Telugu Association is going to perform Shri Lakshmi Puja to appease Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Puja begins at IACRF Hall on November 18 at 9 AM, Come and worship the Goddess of Wealth with flowers and fruits of your choice. Vindu Bhojanam will be followed after. Info
November 14
The oldest Jain Pujan will be observed for the first time in the Bhartiya Ekta Mandir with the hope that it will bring inner happiness, good health and karmic benefits.  All who believe in the sanctity of the Siddhchakra Pujan are welcome to be a part of this pujan on November 18 Details
November 12
If India is your home and you are missing the flavors of Rasoi then Hyderabad’s Rasoi is the place to go to! Opening Soon on Bell road, the countdown begins now…Details
November 9
India Association of Phoenix has organized a glorious day for you on November 10 from 10 AM. When we talk of Cultures of India we get to witness it in the food, music, dance and a variety of things. Discover India is an Indian thing and as is her culture..Info
November 8
Special Diwali Sweets now available at OM Indian Bistro. No celebration or festival is complete without sweets, so check them out. Info
November 6
BAPS Mandir has organized Chopda & Kids Saraswati Puja on Wednesday, November 7. The ritual of account closing and beginning a new financial year with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha is performed on the Diwali Day. All are invited -Info
November 6