Words of Wisdom 2019

Organized by: i Serve Foundation

Venue: Ekta MandirDate & Time : Saturday, 01 Jun 2019, 4:30 PM

Contact: Kishore NarayanEmail: [email protected]Phone: 623-694-0502

WHO: For all students

WHERE: Bharatiya Ekta Mandir, New Assembly Hall;  2804  W. Maryland Ave. Phoenix AZ 85017

PLEASE REGISTER HERE https://tinyurl.com/words2019

WHAT: Advice from high achieving Seniors to other students on college admission process, interactive panel discussion and a Q&A Session; Students below are admitted to top universities including ASU Barretts, Cal Tech, CMU, Columbia, Combined Medical programs, Dartmouth, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, George Washington, Georgia Tech, Princeton, UC Berkeley, UCLA,University of Chicago, University of Michigan, USC, UPenn, Vanderbilt,  Yale and many more ...

WHEN:  4:30 PM, Saturday, June 1st, 2019

7:30PM – Dinner/ Prasad

Participating Seniors -  Vishesh Amin, Jackson Bukata, Bhargav Chirravuri, Saaketh Narayan, Laya Reddy, Laasya Sarva, Shalin Sehra, Chandini Shah, Viraj Shukla, Aarnav Walia, Anika Walia