Maha Shivaratri Celebrations @ Tempe/Mesa
The Grand Mahashivaratri Amareshwara Mahotsavam will be celebrated by Atma Veda Gana Foundation on Friday, Feb 21st (Maha Shivaratri day). Experience the most auspicious day for

Nayaab Lamhe | Pankaj Udhas Live Performance
For Ticket Call Manish Gupta: 602-688-7011, Aradhna Gupta: 623-298-4778

Bluffmaster | Gujju Bhai Strikes Back!
Call for Sponsorship/VIP first three rows (New IACRF member would get 2 first row tickets) GUJARATI FOOD WOULD BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE

The Land Income Property Deal Club

Organized by: The Land and Income Property Deal Club

Venue: Indian Delhi PalaceDate & Time : Thursday, 06 Feb 2020, 6:00 PM

Contact: Jawahar (Joe) Dodani Email: joe@dodaniacres.comPhone: 480-200-7127

Special Private invitation-only event for dinner and cocktailsCome & Listen to the presentation from the President and Owner of a companywith over a BILLION in multi-family asset acquisitions.

If you've always wanted to participate in the buying power, economies of scale and returns of institutional investors, this will be your chance to get an inside look at how it’s done. We PROMISE that thiswill be a night you will never forget and may change the way you look at investments forever.

Here are a few examples
• 544 units acquired for $16,775,000 and sold for $29,650,000 in 3 years • 
• 352 units acquired for $19,500,000, valued at $35,000,000 in 5 years • 
• 384 units acquired for $15,250,000, sold for $22,752.00 in 2 years • 
• 528 units acquired for $47,000,000, valued at $70,100,000 in 3 years •