Need Help or Want to Help ?

Organized by: AZIndia Next

Venue: ArizonaDate & Time : Friday, 27 Mar 2020, 1:00 AM

Contact: AZIndia NextEmail: azindianextgen@gmail.comPhone: 732-533-3323

Coronavirus Stressing You Out? 

Too Old To Run About? or Dont have a car? or Not in a Position to go?

Need Help? Medicines or grocery pickups? Food ? Any day or any time...pls text or call one will answer in distress.

CALL US!   Apurva Patel : 480-266-4424 Kiran Vedantam : 602-55--4842 
 Abdul Qadir : 602-418-9739  Tarun Chopra : 602-743-2111
 Frolian Luis: 480-455-0815  Sakina :480-452-5751
 Rajesh Mishra: 480-229-9723  Satish : 732-533-3323

Wish To Help Others? 

Join As Volunteer?   Join Whatsapp group