Sri Rama Navami Celebrations (Virtual Event)

Organized by: Sai Dhyan Mandir

Venue: Virtual EventDate & Time : Thursday, 02 Apr 2020, 5:00 PM

Contact: Sai Dhyan MandirEmail: saidhyanmandir@gmail.comPhone: 207-299-0399


Sairam to All,

On April 2nd,2020 (Thursday), we are celebrating Srirama Navami festival. Due to the currentsituation, we have decided to extend the closure of the Temple for one moreweek as per the regulations and guidelines. Therefore, the celebration of theSrirama Navami will be a virtual event broadcast on Facebook Live.

Please find theschedule attached below. The Priest, Pandit Gopalji will be performing thecelebrations at the Temple. The Temple has brought Ram Parivar idols from Indiaand SitaRama Kalyanam will be performed at the Temple on this auspicious day.There will also be a special Shej Aarthi with Diyas on this day and lets prayfor Baba's blessing on all of the humanity to overcome this current crisis assoon as possible.

We are alsorequesting devotees to sign up for Archana's which is free of charge.

Please follow uson Facebook Live on Srirama Navami. The link for the Archana is below.



Sai DhyanMandir"