Healing Camp

Organized by: Arizona Sikh Gurdwara

Venue: Arizona Sikh GurdwaraDate & Time : Thursday, 23 Jun 2022, 2:00 PM

Contact: Kuldeep SinghEmail: [email protected]Phone: 602-596-1608

Naam/Simran is the life force of creation; it is what makes our hearts beat, flowers blossom, and the world turn. Meditating on the Naam gifts one an unexplainable sense of internal bliss and oneness. If we chant, contemplate and sing God's name, we harness that life force. When you chant Gurbani, you feel the power inside, a sense of well-being envelops you, and you realise that Wahe Guru’s blessings will see you through this life. From June 23 to 26, at Arizona Sikh Gurdwara, you can take advantage of the Healing Camp and rediscover the life force within you, free from all diseases, pains, and agonies.